Wye Salmon Association
Current Activities
Preparation and consulation with WUF and WSFOA on document ‘Canoeing & Navigation on River Wye: Its effect on Angling’ Publication to website and circulation to 500+ helping to provide information to visiting anglers in particular on best times and places to avoid canoe traffic and make best enjoyment of their angling experience on the Wye [subject of discussion later in this meeting]. Document in process of circulation to all WSFOA members by Chairman and intended for publication to WUF and WSFOA websites……………not yet in place?
Junior Fly Casting Courses and Senior Spey Casting Clinics. Three courses arranged for 2013 [see https://skydrive.live.com/redir?resi...P_1R9GjIAttPU] . aimed at providing low cost entry way of improving skills of current anglers and introducing both new young and old to our sport. First 2013 course took place on June 8th in brilliant weather at Whitney Court. The beat donated by Whitney Court Estates and syndicate leader Terry Ward was in perfect condition to entertain the 17 anglers, the more experienced of whom spent the day honing their casting skills with the beginners learning to handle double handed rods under the guidance of instructors Leigh Davies and Justin Connolly. The conditions did not favour catches although one angler managed to hook and lose a fish and a number of Shad were inadvertently taken. Dave Smith, WSA Leader of the event remarked 'it was a brilliant day with everybody making the most of the conditions, the beat and the expertise of the instructors'. The event was supported by a display of rod, reels and lines by Sportfish along with a sale of used rods and lines donated to WSA for their SNR Fund by Airflo and Gary Welsher. Long time Wye gillie and RWGA Chairman Geoff Franks provided a demonstration of salmon fly tying, as can be seen from photos this was viewed with great interest by many present. Lunch in the form of a BBQ prepared by by Ian McCulloch was an opportunity for all those present to mix and meet fellow anglers to discuss their experiences along with an opportunity to view and tryout Sportfish rods and used tackle on sale by WSA. A raffle with prizes donated by Ian Thorpe of Golden Mile Fishery, Terry Ward of Whitney Court, Geoff Franks and Dave Smith raised funds for the SNR Project and winners were Allan Phillips, Ian Spalding, Dave Dugdale and Geoff Tyler. All funds raised will be donated to SNR Fund
Two courses [junior and senior] are to be held on August 21st at Letton Court and we are in discussion with a scouting organisation and a local YHA regarding running courses for their members.
WSA online shop is now up and running at http://www.wyesalmon.com/store/ . Selling bespoke flies, spindle flies and some used fishing tackle. Salmon Flies offered for sale are by Geoff Franks, every fly is hand tied to order and Geoff will copy other patterns and use different hooks if required. Spindle Flies are also hand made to order by their inventor Peter Thornley, these have proven deadly on the River Wye and many other rivers since their invention. Angling for salmon with the Spindle
Fly isn’t designed to take the place of the traditional fly but is a proven alternative for those wishing to fish with spinning gear or when the water is unsuitable for the fly.
WSA continue to provide significant support to the SNR Project. Dave Holland, WSA & GPIAC member has acted as Pond Manager for Nant Gwyn throughout year visiting 4 or 5 times a week to feed, check electric fencing and nets and generally ensure pond and fish secure and in good health. Smolts released by joint EAW/WSA Team on 28th May in visibly good health. A number of maintenance issues requiring attention were identified for resolution during the summer. These will be financed and carried out by WSA volunteers during a number of work days, dates to be announced shortly. If anyone is interested in helping please contact myself on 07789133263 or Jon Taylor on 07714468429. The relaxation of planning rules by Herefordshire CC allowing use of 4 ponds in Herefordshire at Hardwick, Redbrook Farm [Duchy] and Caradoc [2]] was achieved with much good work by David Revill and Patrick Darling in tackling the planning hierarchy plus preparation of a paper by WSA members and John Taylor at EAW detailing the ponds and addressing their concerns. WSA are researching more potential ponds and as well as discussions over a potential pond attached to a hydro electric scheme at Llysdinam estate near Newbridge on Wye, Powys a further two ponds on Nant Camdwr in Ithon catchment have been identified with a very enthusiastic owner along with a further two on a farm near Hampton Court on the Lugg. A full update of SNR activity follows this summary. During 2012/13 WSA joined forces with Golden Valley Fish and Wildlife Association [GVFWA] to help save the endangered River Wye Eel. European Eel (Anguilla anguilla) has plummeted in population by up to 90% and is now on the international Red List of endangered species. Eels, returning as juvenile elvers, are caught in their thousands as they enter their home river, many are exported to Asia for food before they can grow to mature eels in their intended destination. Opportunities to assist its survival are restricted to freshwater sites and last year GVFWA bought and stocked-out 4000 elvers in the River Dore catchment. This year in conjunction with WSA its target was 10000. Both Associations have experience of fisheries work and supported by EA facilitated permissions and authorisations to make this process of stocking out absolutely simple. The eel lives in freshwater for up to 50 years before migrating to sea to breed, stocking is a long-term benefit to the local environment, as well as the species. The commercial price of elvers had plummeted this year, as a result we were able to purchase 32,000 elvers were from the commercial netsmen. On Sunday 28th April 2013 a team of volunteers from GVFWA & WSA were able to distribute these amongst Letton Lake and various other stillwaters in the Wye catchment.