Wanting some gold coloured doubles and finding salars no longer available and not being convinced by the new Fulling Mill Magni range I ordered some Patriots which duly arrived and were a similar shape to VMC with brazing between the shanks down to very nearly the bend. Not very well done I might add. As the supplier in question had only 8's in stock I ordered 6's elsewhere and on receipt was surprized to find the hooks were totally different although packed in identical boxes with identical logo etc. The second lot of hooks were more of the "salar" shape without the beaked point but had only about 4mm of brazing between the shanks so the the two hooks were easily flexed apart. The shanks were in most cases twisted out of parallel. In short they were cr*p.. They were sent back.

It appears Partridge are still next to impossible to deal with. One dealer I know has stopped even trying to deal with them and two others feel they have been badly let down. What is it about bloody hooks. We talk about trips to Mars but it appears the constant supply of decent hooks is beyond man's capabilities.