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  • Shakespeare Agility 10ft x 8wt.

    Along with the 12 footers mentioned earlier was a 10x 8wt Agility, Shakespeare's comparitively new offering in single handers. On taking it from the wrapping I noticed it was labelled "fast". To which my initial response was " yeah, right", because it seems fashionable to have "fast" rods these days. On first waggle I was surprized because fast it certainly seemed. In fact after a few casts up and down the garden I thought Bl88dy H8ll this is a beast. Down to the river and loaded with a Cortland Classic 8 wt my opinion modified somewhat. It's much nicer to fish with than to waggle about. The casting action is pretty fast but the fish playing action is more mellow. It casts well overhead but not so well roll casting but the real revalation was that I thought it cast best of all with the snake roll. Now you don't see many {any?} snake rolling a single hander so I'm going to set a trend and hope to impress!

    My other comparable rod is a David Norwich which now costs £490 odd pounds, it feels "nicer" but I don't think fishes any better. So on one hand £490, on the other rrp 54-99 but generally available for around £45. Really good value. You pays your money etc,etc,etc.

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    I've just tried this rod with four different lines, A Worcestershire, an Airflow 40+ and 2 John Norris £5-99's, an inter and a sinker. The 40+ certainly sails out but if you weigh th first 30ft the head actually weighs almost a12 wt using the usual system.Because of the extra weight with any amount of line aerialized if you dont actually really give it serious stick you're in danger of being beheaded. I've never liked the concept and judging by the number being advertized with big,big discounts nor did a lot of others. It always seemed like a "sling it out and watch it splash" option to me. As expected the Worcestershire was good to use but the £5-99 lines were just as good. Have we been conned with this line business? I see the going price for the trendy Rio, S.A, Vision and Hardy lines is £50 to £60 pounds now. Why?


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      Fly Lines. Biggest con on the angling community, just ahead of carbon rods.
      Cost next to nothing to make once you have the extrusion machine (The cost is in the development they will tell you.) Braided core either stretch or non stretch, ( non stretch as used by Airflo lies in coils as they found to their cost) then coated with the plastic coating. Churned out one after another in one continuous length and chopped off at the appropriate point. Probably cost a couple of quid each at the very most. Used to be skip fulls of rejects outside the Airflo factory -probably still are. They make for many different companies who just re brand em. Rip Off.

      You going Switching then Derrick, or Scagit or some other new fad. Could always use a bubble float and fixed spool like the Irish -saves all the hassle


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        I've resisted the temptation to buy shooting heads, skandis, scagit, mow tips, cheaters etc. I fact it didn't need much resistance because I had no intention of going down that long and winding road in the first place. A minor correction to my earlier post. The lastest crop of must have trout lines are between £60 and £70 not 50 to 60 as previously stated.


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          I am no longer a Skagit virgin Tin Can. Had a go with one a couple of days ago. Floater with a 5foot sink tip.about 25feet long, 1/4" thick at least. Need a bigger river than the Wye to be of any real use and cast like a rocket and landed like a brick. Must have massive water resistance when playing a fish. Told it was a mere £100 and that didn't include the running line. Ye Gods. Are we all mad. Saw the results of a coarse fishing match on a lake the other day. Winner had 535lbs and the others all had over 300lbs. Sick or what!.

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        Nine months ago I posted about the Shakespeare Agility 8wt and using it with various lines. Well I've just got round to actually thinking about fishing with it I decided I needed a sink tip line and thought about the John Norris Pro 2 range priced at £12-99 or periodically on offer at £9-99. I then read some reports on FFF on the lines most of which were less than complimentary and as I had a chance to pick up a Cortland Classic 444 10 ft sink tip at knock down price I chose that. What a mistake. To start with it says on the box "welded loop" which it doesn't have and there are seven tiny lumps on the head as though there was dirt on the braid before being coated. I gather that there were some fakes around last year and wondered but on querying this with the supplier I find that this is the genuine article. A replacement has been offered. The line itself is not nice to cast but sink tip trout lines seldom are although this one seems particularly prone to hinge at the junction with the sinking section. The bumps in the line, being on the head, do not effect casting but as in most Cortland lines it seems under weight and is better as a 7wt. As I don't like continuous false casting and prefer to retrieve and Spey cast in one action when fishing wet across and round the line is just not suited. Of course the line goes out as they all do but as the "proper price" for a Cortland 444 is now £49-99 I just can't see the justification.

        So it was back to the John Norris lines. I don't know why I bother to read the feedback on things like FFF. I am usually dumbfounded by the constant " what leader suits the 6ft 6" wt.2 and "can I use the same length leader on the 3 wt" nonsense so it was my own fault. The Norris lines were better made, no blemishes, easier to make a decent fist of casting even the with the 10ft sink tip { i bought the 5ft tip as well}, the Cortland coating feels slicker but if the line is drawn between the fingers the Cortland feels more "irregular. The J.N. lines certainly suit both me, my casting and the rod better and they are £9-99.