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  • Chew Valley trout fishing.

    I,m sure many of us like too fish stillwaters from time to time. One of the best was Chew Valley. I understand due to very heavy stocking they had a reasonable trout year last year. So did the pike it seems. Last week 30lb pike were caught every day with the best over 35lbs. 20 pound fish have been commonplace all winter but they still insist the pike eat mostly coarse fish and not the trout . Yea right.

    Imagine haw good the trout fishing might be without them. Likewise on the river without the Cormorants and Goosanders how many more smolts could we send to the sea.

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    Interesting link here from last year

    more here

    I think Geoff maynard was fishing there last week


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      Pike fly fishing is good fun, and the sort of thing one might mess about with now and again, but £70 a boat...I don't think so...not for me.

      There is a school of thought that in some lakes a proliferation of small course fish stops the trout from prospering, and the pike help redress the balance. I would have thought that big rainbows would make short work of 'small course fish' all by themselves. I guess nobody knows...


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        Yep some of the old favourite flies were babydolls and polystickles, good fry imitations


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          Report on one of the forums of a 17lb rainbow trout from Chew Valley. Must have led a charmed life amongst all those pike.


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            Talking of Chew pike. It's just opened again this week. Lifted this from another forum:

            First two days have fished really well. A 39lb, 38lb 3x36lbers a 33lb a 31lb and a 30 8 just to name a few!

            Then this -

            Lake fished it's socks off again today. Most notably a 42 8 but not quite a pb for a big fish specialist! A 38 to the Sheffield boys a 35 on the boat and 2 31lbers. Who said chew was dead!


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              seems that some are saying that the pike in Chew don't eat the trout ...of course they don'tI
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