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  • Towy Fishing Well

    Looks like the Towy is fishing well, best for years in fact

    from WUF ... who else

    The influx of extra fish into the river since their cessation has been impressive, confirming the netsmen's reports of plentiful numbers. On the middle river, Golden Grove is having its best season for many years with catches increasing daily.
    We thoroughly recommend making the most of the opportunity to catch one of these impressive, hard-fighting fish, and August, September and October can provide some the season's best sport.

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    Must be something in it. Even our old friend Dia seems to have caught one - ye gods!!!


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      I wonder what person thinks that October can provide some of the seasons best sport for sea trout?


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        W. U. F. from Wye and Usk Foundation, Friday 12 September, 2014
        Area: Towy & Cothi
        Beat: Dryslwyn Castle (Booking Office)

        NEW BEAT

        Dryslwyn Castle is part of the famous Golden Grove Estate and is the lowest of the Golden Grove beats. Just over 2 miles in length, this beat can be booked independently from the Golden Grove Estate beats for just £40 for the remainder of 2014. Much of this beat is unknown as it has only been fished a handful of times in recent years but there are several holding pools and the potential is exciting. Even the pool names have only just been created but it is an excellent fishery with running fish required to pass through it to reach the famous Golden Grove Pools such as the Whistle Pool, the Paradise Flats and the Pipe Pool.

        Wading is required for night fishing and can be quite deep. However access down to the riverside is usually very easy and the wading is generally excellent, being on wide open water on a shingle base, although there can be odd larger stones and rocks, and occasional mud banks. At summer levels one can usually wade across the river at selected places.

        A day ticket is valid for 24hrs 7am to 7am.

        All anglers are to contact the Ghillie Jamie Harries no less than 24hrs before arrival to confirm the beat rotation 07810 184547

        In 2013 we experienced a very dry summer which resulted in a very late run of Sewin, with over 280 fish being caught in August and September. Over 400 Sewin were caught overall with 92 percent of these being returned. The average weight was over 4lbs and 130 fish were over 5lbs. Notable catches were 17lbs 8oz Sewin from the College Pool Cilsane, 17lbs from The Stakes Rofawr, 16lbs 8oz from The Whistle Pool Cilsane. 23 Sewin were over 10lbs.

        2013 Season - 40 Salmon, 402 Sewin.

        2012 Season - 85 Salmon, 390 Sewin.

        2011 Season - 64 Salmon, 379 Sewin.

        2010 Season - 79 Salmon, 470 Sewin.

        Up to the last week in August Golden Grove has caught over 410 sewin for the season so far with over 88% caught and released and 32 double figure fish.

        aren't those the returns for Golden Grove?????? Not the new fishery???


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          Alternatively one could join one of the clubs with adjacent beats and miles of other waters for around £80 for the whole year.