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    started a topic Wye Discussion 2017

    Wye Discussion 2017

    lets carry on from here
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    started a topic Wye Discussion 2016

    Wye Discussion 2016

    More drivel from our friend Rigsby on SFF here

    oor thing didn't get an NRW note on the none consultation, maybe its because he doesn't live in Wales? His Severn Salmon Anglers co-operative has been defunct since it started and has never done anything except the survey as far as I can see.
    • It closed on Sunday without 99.9% of salmon anglers in wales even being aware it was happening.

    Yes Tom, only 1 in a thousand welsh anglers knew about it

    The only reason he is interested is because he still wants to kill salmon on the Severn
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    started a topic Rugby World Cup

    Rugby World Cup

    What do you call a Welsh rugby player holding a bottle of champagne after the World Cup final?

    A Waiter
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    started a topic Mecca


    The Hajj begins today, with millions of Muslims making the annual pilgrimage to Mecca.

    This may come as a surprise to Hungarians , Croatians and others being trod underfoot, who thought Germany was hosting this year's event.

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    started a topic Corbyn



    Jeremy Corbyn is on record as supporting female-only train carriages to protect women from dangerous men on trains.

    Using that same logic, I look forward to the day he declares his support for male-only motorways
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    started a topic Wye Discussion 2015 Part 2

    Wye Discussion 2015 Part 2

    Carry on from here Gentlemen
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    started a topic River thurso/ Loch Beg

    River thurso/ Loch Beg

    A 30lb + fish caught in Loch Beg yesterday on the thurso system.
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    started a topic Tay 2015

    Tay 2015

    Nice fish today from Dunkeld but is it 35lb?
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    started a topic Six Nations

    Six Nations

    after last weeks humiliation at the hands of the mighty england, how will wales fare against scotland
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    started a topic Pollution on the Usk

    Pollution on the Usk

    bad news
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    started a topic Wye Discussion 2015

    Wye Discussion 2015

    Lets start a new one here
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    started a topic Autumn Internationals

    Autumn Internationals

    It seemed that the Welsh even believed their own hype for awhile and really thought that they got close until the AB's rubbed their noses in it in the last 15 minutes.

    Man of the match was an Englishman , no not George North or Alex Cuthbert but the refereee, nice one Wayne Barnes.
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    started a topic Wye Discussion 2014 part 2

    Wye Discussion 2014 part 2

    Has there been a run of salmon? The Wye rod catch for September is now standing at 21? Impressive!!!!
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    started a topic Severn Catches

    Severn Catches

    No reports from the Severn, the Trout and Salmon correspondent seems conspicuous by his absence
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    started a topic Towy Fishing Well

    Towy Fishing Well

    Looks like the Towy is fishing well, best for years in fact

    from WUF ... who else

    The influx of extra fish into the river since their cessation has been impressive, confirming the netsmen's reports of plentiful numbers. On the middle river, Golden Grove is having its best season for many years with catches increasing daily.
    We thoroughly recommend making the most of the opportunity to catch one of these impressive, hard-fighting fish, and August, September and October can provide some the season's best sport.
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    started a topic Tweed Improving

    Tweed Improving

    After all the high water the Tweed has had 105 salmon and 106 sea trout (to 9lb) in the first 3 days of this week
  • The Canoe Passport and Other Earthly Delights part 2

    Closing your eyes to the problems of loutish canoeists doesn't mean its not there and doesn't mean it will go away
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    started a topic Children Destroy Salmon genetics shock

    Children Destroy Salmon genetics shock
    On Tuesday 20th May, primary school children in Devon, UK, will be releasing Atlantic salmon fry into their local river. They have raised the fry in a tank in their classroom where they have watched the eggs hatch into alevin and then develop into fry.

    This spring, pupils at a primary school in Devon, UK, have been sharing their classroom with some unusually fishy friends. Earlier in the year, the pupils became proud custodians of 100 fertilised Atlantic salmon eggs as part of a project called ‘Salmon in the Classroom’, run by environmental charity, the Westcountry Rivers Trust.
    The children were able to watch the process of the eggs hatching into alevins and growing into tiny fry. A group of children from the school will be releasing the fry back into their local river. The released fry will help boost the wild salmon population in the river, as part of conservation efforts to prevent further decline of Atlantic salmon populations in the UK.
    While visiting the release site, the children will also have a go at kick sampling to identify which aquatic invertebrates are living in the river. The children learn that the assemblage of invertebrates found gives an indication of water quality, as some species can only survive if pollution levels are low.
    Salmon in the Classroom is part of the Exe and Axe River Improvement Project which is funded via the Environment Agency's Catchment Restoration Fund. The Westcountry Rivers Trust is the lead partner in this project and has been working with local farmers, landowners, businesses and interest groups to carry out restoration work in the River Exe and River Axe catchments over recent years.
    Good water quality means a healthy river ecosystem and salmon require a healthy river ecosystem in which to spawn and lay their eggs. The school children are hopeful that the fry they release will one day make it back to the same river to breed, ensuring that our most iconic species of fish, the Atlantic salmon, has a future in the rivers of the Westcountry.

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    started a topic WSA not invited to Recent LFG meeting

    WSA not invited to Recent LFG meeting

    The secretary of the LFG (local fisheries group) didn;t invite the WSA member to the local fisheries group meeting

    It appear that the secretary of the LFG, also the secretary of the WSFOA and also strangely a senior WUF employee, 'forgot' to invite Stuart Smith!
  • New Spey Hatchery Figures Make NRW and WUF look foolish?

    Latest from the Spey

    Hatchery origin fish contribution to the Spey rod catch 2008 to 2012. The 2008 and 2009 figures had previously been published and presented at a number of meetings. The recent report shows that there was 0% contribution to the rod catch in 2010 but only 83 rod caught fish were sampled that year; too low a number given the relatively small contribution to the rod catch recorded in other years. In 2011 and 2012 the contribution to the hatchery fish contribution to the Spey rod catch increased slightly at 1.8 and 1.5% respectively. As discussed above the 2007 rod caught samples could only have included grilse from one year class of smolts, subsequent years would encompass a wider range of the spectrum of adult salmon age classes
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    started a topic WUF expansion

    WUF expansion

    Can it be assumed that intended expansion includes the rivers on the map here
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    started a topic On Siltation

    On Siltation

    “Soil erosion is as old as agriculture. It began when the first heavy rain struck the first furrow turned by a crude implement of tillage in the hands or prehistoric man. It has been going on ever since, wherever man's culture of the earth has bared the soil to rain and wind.” ~ Hugh H. Bennett and W.C. Lowdermilk, circa 1930s
    “Detachment has bred ignorance and out of ignorance comes the delusion that our civilisation has risen above nature and has set itself free of its constraints.” ~ Dr. Daniel Hillel (2004
    “Dirt's a lot more fun when you add water!” ~ Dennis The Menace (2004) by Hank Ketcham
    interesting stuff?
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    started a topic Upper river 2014

    Upper river 2014

    Upper river rising overnight, middle river still high.
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    started a topic Tay 2014

    Tay 2014

    Week ending 15th February saw 44 fish taken from the Tay
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    started a topic Dee 2014

    Dee 2014

    Week ending sat 15th feb saw the Dee with 54 fresh springers
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    started a topic Wye Discussion 2014

    Wye Discussion 2014

    The season rapidly approaches
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    started a topic Holidays Abroad

    Holidays Abroad

    Interested in a relaxing holiday, maybe a danube cruise or a russian cruise, Perhaps a ski holiday, be assured of a personal service at all times.
  • Natural Rivers Wales

    In Cyfoeth’s editorial, Emyr Roberts
    introduced the background to the
    sustainable fisheries Agenda for
    Change, which sets out our approach
    for agreeing the strategic direction
    for the future management of inland
    fisheries in Wales. Key to the way
    Natural Resources Wales will work
    is adopting an ecosystem approach,
    and this will mean managing our
    freshwater ecosystems by developing
    action plans that tackle a wide range
    of issues at their source rather than
    mitigate just local effects.
    Following a series of discussions
    with interested communities we
    have identified draft outcomes and
    headline ideas that will allow us to
    ensure that Welsh fisheries deliver
    social, economic and environmental
    There are three key notable projects
    that will be progressed under the
    banner of Agenda for Change:
    Salmon stocking and hatcheries
    Natural Resources Wales’s key aim is
    to ensure that Wales’s rivers have a
    healthy salmon population.
    We will review our work on salmon
    stocking and associated hatchery
    operations, looking at the rationale
    and justification for rearing and
    stocking of Salmon into Welsh rivers
    and our own capacity to do this work.
    The review will produce a short report
    and we will be consulting fully on
    these recommendations. The 12 week
    consultation will open at the end of
    Stakeholder engagement
    We will work with Welsh Government
    to advise them on an effective
    framework for engaging with
    stakeholders with an interest in
    and responsibility for delivering
    sustainable fisheries.
    Rod licences as a source of funding
    for fisheries management in Wales
    Natural Resources Wales will
    work with the Welsh Government,
    Environment Agency and
    stakeholders to review the current
    rod licensing arrangements in Wales.
    The review will consider the relevance
    of the rod licence in Wales and the
    importance of the revenue raised for
    managing sustainable fisheries.

    much more here Feb 2014.pdf
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    started a topic Parakeet Law

    Parakeet Law

    Landowners could face jail for blocking action to control invasive species such as parakeets and ruddy ducks, under proposals from the body that recommends law reform.

    Property owners or occupiers could be hit with new “species control orders” relating to non-native species including zebra mussels, Japanese knotweed and the aquatic plant crassula.

    With the orders, relevant bodies — such as the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, the Welsh Government and the Environment Agency — could compel people to control or destroy the troublesome species or allow such operations to be carried out by the authorities themselves

  • FOI request reveals £7,625 cost of new Natural Resources Wales logo

    March 11, 2013 1:15 PM
    William Powell, Welsh Liberal Democrat Spokesperson for Environment and Sustainable Development, has expressed his disappointment at the revealed cost of the new NRW logo.
    Following a request under the Freedom of Information Act 2000, the Welsh Government have revealed that they have spent a total of £7,625 on "agreeing the brief for the logo creation; developing and refining creative routes and developing basic visual style".
    William Powell AM, Mid and West Wales, said:
    "Given the current financial climate I find it deeply disappointing and scandalous that the Welsh Government is willing to spend £7,625 of public money on designing a new logo for Natural Resources Wales.
    "In recent months we have heard more and more about the spiraling costs of the new body's ICT systems and the potential this has for early paralysis when the Body begins operations next month. As such it is even more remarkable that over seven and a half thousand pounds have been set aside for an unimpressive multicolored hexagon.
    "This extravagance really must stop. Only recently we heard of how Labour's South Wales Police Commissioner, Alun Michael, spent an eye watering £3,198 on his very own personal logo, while the Welsh Labour Government was only too happy to splash out over £5,000 on a shiny badge for its legal officer. Families across Wales are having to tighten their belts due to the difficult financial climate, why shouldn't public bodies?
    "The Welsh Government must learn to be responsible with the public money it spends. While Natural Resources Wales obviously needs a logo, it is simply unacceptable to be spending over seven and a half thousand pounds on it. Given the remit of Natural Resources Wales I regret that more work wasn't done to engage schools across Wales in the logo's design."
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    started a topic Six Nations 2014

    Six Nations 2014

    So do Wales have a plan B?
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    started a topic Five Monkeys

    Five Monkeys

    Start with a cage containing five monkeys.

    Inside the cage, hang a banana on a string and place a set of stairs under it. Before long, a monkey will go to the stairs and start to climb towards the banana. As soon as he touches the stairs, spray all of the other monkeys with cold water.

    After a while, another monkey makes an attempt with the same result - all the other monkeys are sprayed with cold water. Pretty soon, when another monkey tries to climb the stairs, the other monkeys will try to prevent it.

    Now, put away the cold water. Remove one monkey from the cage and replace it with a new one. The new monkey sees the banana and wants to climb the stairs. To his surprise and horror, all of the other monkeys attack him.

    After another attempt and attack, he knows that if he tries to climb the stairs, he will be assaulted.

    Next, remove another of the original five monkeys and replace it with a new one. The newcomer goes to the stairs and is attacked. The previous newcomer takes part in the punishment with enthusiasm! Likewise, replace a third original monkey with a new one, then a fourth, then the fifth. Every time the newest monkey takes to the stairs, he is attacked.

    Most of the monkeys that are beating him have no idea why they were not permitted to climb the stairs or why they are participating in the beating of the newest monkey.

    After replacing all the original monkeys, none of the remaining monkeys have ever been sprayed with cold water. Nevertheless, no monkey ever again approaches the stairs to try for the banana.

    And that, your honour, is why I was at the border shooting at illegal immigrants - to deter the rest.
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    started a topic Mercedes v Jaguar

    Mercedes v Jaguar

    Watch this one first from Mercedes

    then this from Jaguar
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    started a topic World Caber Tossing Championships

    World Caber Tossing Championships

    The qualifying session came first, with the only thing certain being that the name on the trophy at the end would be a new one. None of the field had competed in the World Championships before. For anyone who’s not seen a caber tossing event before, everything about it is fascinating. The Inveraray caber is 20′ long and all competitors use the same one, agreeing on it from a small line of alternatives. A new caber was used for the final – possibly because of the accumulation of greasy sweat at the gripping point of the one used for the qualifying session. Each competitor has three goes in both qualifying and the final – and only three made it through to the final. They were:
    • the well known and successful Highland Games competitor, Bruce Robb from Dalgety Bay [no jokes about whether or not he glows green after dark, thanks to the MoD's radioactive pollution of the beach there] – who has nevertheless no great record of success at the Caber;
    • Scott Ryder from London;
    • Neil Elliot from Helensburgh.
    It takes a group of around 4 carriers to present the caber to each competitor for each throw. They tote it along horizontally, then the end man starts walking under it raising it above his head and the front three do the same. The foot of it heads groundwards and is braced between the competitor’s two splayed feet, heels together. Finally, there is just him and the last of the carriers steadying the caber for him, then leaving him to it. The athlete slides his hands down the caber, squatting down low with 90% of it above him. Not one competitor wobbled the thing at this stage. It was astonishingly steady. When he’s ready, the competitor quickly grips the very foot of the caber and stands up. This is the hairy period. The act of standing up encourages the caber to lean backwards to some degree – in some cases, quite noticeably so. The trees in the background are a good benchmark. The athlete has to move smartly backwards himself at this point, to outrun the caber and to try to recover its vertical stability. As he does so, there’s a bit of a hush followed by the audience collectively voicing an indrawn breath. When he’s got it under control he starts to make his run forwards as soon as possible. Above is Scott Ryder on the run up to one of his winning final throws. The athletes who’ve used up a shedload of energy stopping the caber from falling back, tend not to run far and to get rid of it as best they can as early as possible. These will never be qualifying throws because they could not generate the power in a short run to throw the caber high enough for what had been the top of it to hit the ground as close to vertical as possible, with the momentum carrying the caber turning on through 90 degrees to its final position. on the ground. It’s not distance thrown that scores points. It’s the closest the athlete gets the caber to a final landing position at 12 o’clock to himself. There are two judges – one watching the vertical stability of the caber; the second looking at the angle of elevation achieved in the actual throw. Of the three finalists,
    • Neil Elliot from Helensburgh performed best in the qualifier but fell back in the final.
    • Bruce Robb, to our inexpert eye, produced the most consistent vertical stability of the caber.
    • Scott Ryder won, with all three throws completing the necessary 270 degrees.
    Scott Ryder is now the new and 2013 World Champion at the caber
  • The Snow might be coming (or not)
    Wye & Usk Foundation News Update

    Snow Forecast!

    Last Sunday, two buses set off from Builth Wells to watch salmon spawning and look at progress with the ISAC project. Last year and in 2010 we had to call the event off with bad weather but this year the good weather held!
    Although the water had dropped off too much to keep fish in the tributaries, spawning in the main Wye had just started. We had selected a site where supporters could see fish without disturbing them. The fish lived up to expectation and a large hen fish could be seen cutting gravel while a number of smaller fish milled around.
    Visitors walked up a couple of miles of recently fenced Cammarch and Dulas. Spawning had already taken place here but we could show what we had achieved with our habitat restoration.
    Elsewhere, there has been good numbers of redds cut on the favourite sites on the main river and further encouraging news from the Arrow, where a more formal count is in progress.
    The weather looks set to turn colder later on in the week. Grayling fishing has been good in the Upper Wye in the Erwood area and now is as good a time as any. The cold may bring the bigger pike onto the take.
    Fishing Gift Vouchers are available from the Office Spawning Wye fish A visitor to the new Talgarth Ooffice
    In values of £10, £20 and £50 an ideal gift for any angler
    All the best from WUF.
    Our flagship project on the Irfon, ISAC, has its own website.
    Click here for angler's reports.
    For details of WUF's Consultations, click here.
    Environment Agency Emergency Hotline: 0800807060
    Rainfall at Erwood 2013 to date: 32 " (47" 2012; 29" 2011 Total)
    Bookings and availability Tel: 01874 711714
    This email was sent by The Wye & Usk Foundation. Click here to unsubscribe
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    started a topic Fishing?


    Four married guys go fishing. After an hour, the following conversation took place.
    First guy: “You have no idea what I had to do to be able to come out fishing this weekend. I had to promise my wife that I will paint every room in the house next weekend."
    Second guy: “That’s nothing; I had to promise my wife that I will build her a new deck for the pool."
    Third guy: “Man, you both have it easy! I had to promise my wife that I will remodel the kitchen for her."
    They continue to fish when they realized that the fourth guy has not said a word. So they asked him: "What you had to do to be able to come fishing? What’s the deal?"
    Fourth guy: “Nothing. I just set my alarm for 5:30 am. When it went off, I shut off my alarm, gave the wife a nudge and said, “Fishing or Sex" and she said, “Don’t forget to Wear a Sweater
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    started a topic Switch Rods - whats the point?

    Switch Rods - whats the point?

    Switch rods seem to be another favourite at the moment, a bit like tenkara. So why the name 'switch', so you can switch from single to double handed? Or switch casting styles.

    I have an old Daiwa 11' 3" sea trout rod, is that a switch rod?
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    started a topic 27th November 2013

    27th November 2013

    Upper river low and clear, good for spotting fish, if you can find anything to spot
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    started a topic 26th November 2013

    26th November 2013

    The upper river is now falling, overnight frosts seem to have kicked off spawning activity.
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    started a topic Well Thats Scientists For You

    Well Thats Scientists For You

    Clam found off Iceland was 507 - "the oldest animal on Earth", until British scientists killed it

    When a clam was dredged up from the bottom of the sea of Iceland, a team of scientists eagerly cracked it open - killing the oldest animal in the world.When a clam was dredged up from the bottom of the sea of Iceland, a team of scientists eagerly cracked it open - killing the oldest animal in the world.

    The mollusc was 507 years old - when it was born, Michelangelo was just about to start work on the Sistine Chapel ceiling.

    The clam has previously been thought to be a mere 400 years old - that alone won it a place in the Guinness Book of Records, beating its previous holder by some margin, a 220-year-old Arctica clam found in 1982 in American waters.

    It was dredged up in 2007, and the scientists admit they simply miscounted its rings - but their initial error makes the clam dubbed “Ming” an even more impressive discovery.

    “We got it wrong the first time. Maybe we were a bit hasty publishing our findings back then. But we are absolutely certain that we’ve got the right age now,” Paul Butler of Bangor University said, in an interview with Science Nordic.

    It’s not known why the clams live to such incredible ages - and members of the Bangor University team have said Ming might offer an insight into resisting old age.

    Ming was “aged” by a team of Bangor Univesity scientsits - sclerochronologists who study the growth and age of clams using annual growth lines in the shell, in much the same way as dendrochronologists study the growth of trees using tree-rings.

    Sadly, the process of opening clams to study their “growth lines” is fatal. The clam was named Ming after the Chinese Ming Dynasty, which was in power when it was born.

    Thankfully, the animal’s “new” age doesn’t make the name Ming inappropriate - the dynasty lasted 300 years.The scientists’ mistake was simply to count rings in the wrong place, Butler admits.

    “On the outside, the mollusc shell is curved, and that makes it difficult to get the right angle for measuring and counting the growth rings,” says Butler. “The growth rings are also better protected inside the hinge ligaments.”

    It is very likely that longer lived individuals of the species remain to be found, Butler said at the time.

    Although Icelandic waters seem to provide the ideal conditions for extreme longevity, clams with lifetimes well in excess of 200 years have been found both in the Irish Sea and the North Sea.

    The Bangor scientists believe that the clams may have evolved exceptionally effective defences which hold back the destructive ageing processes that normally occur.

    "If, in Arctica islandica, evolution has created a model of successful resistance to the damage of ageing, it is possible that an investigation of the tissues of these real life Methuselahs might help us to understand the processes of ageing,” said team member Chris Richardson. .
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    started a topic Sturgeon


    Anglers Put on Sturgeon Alert - Again! have been put on alert again following the capture of a second sturgeon off the British coast.
    Anglers and commercial fishermen throughout the UK have been alerted for the second time in three months to watch out for rare sturgeon in their catches.

    Source: Institute of Fisheries Management

    A 10-pound fish landed from the River Thames at Greenhithe, near Dartford, Kent, last week was a Siberian sturgeon, the type that provide caviar for dinner tables. After being quickly weighed and photographed it was put back alive and unharmed into the water by local angler Peter Johnson, who caught it on a ragworm bait.

    The catch was reported to French and German experts by the Institute of Fisheries Management (IFM). They confirmed it was a Siberian sturgeon (Acipenser baerii). It was the second landed in the UK in exactly three months but some 250 miles from where the first was one hooked near Pembroke Dock, South Wales on 02 August.

    They are the first reported in British waters since 2004 when a monster more than eight feet long, was caught by a trawler also in South Wales, a mile and a half off Port Talbot.

    Steve Colclough, chairman of the IFM’s marine specialist section, said:

    “The fish could possibly be one lost from cages in the Gironde river in France some years ago during a caviar farming experiment but we think it is more likely to be an escapee from the UK pet trade. These exotic species are imported and this may show that some are now escaping into the wild.

    The sturgeon caught in August was probably also a pet trade fugitive, they are alien species and it is an offence to introduce them into the wild in the UK".

    He reminded commercial fishermen and anglers to tell their local Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Authority or Cefas (01502 562 244) if they catch a sturgeon after first taking a photo and measurements and checking for any tag, and returning the fish alive to the water. Mr. Colclough would also like to hear from them at or 01634 327899.

    He said a yellow tag on a sturgeon would show the fish had probably migrated from the Gironde river in France where they are now being bred and released. These fish would normally stay in the Gironde until they were about ten years old when they might migrate to the open sea.

    If they came to the UK they would most likely be caught in estuaries and still be juvenile fish. Normally they would live 50 or 60 years and grow up to three-metres (about 10 feet) long.

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    started a topic Sportfish Sale

    Sportfish Sale

    Bit of a snip here if you like a full sinker
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    started a topic 22nd October 2013

    22nd October 2013

    More heavy rain this morning will possibly render the river unfishable until after 24th Oct, It should help distribute the fish to their chosen spawning areas.
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    started a topic 21st October 2013

    21st October 2013

    Heavy rain has brought a nice rise in water levels that may help move some fish into the upper river, lets hope it doesn't help people to catch spawning fish off the redds.
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    started a topic Wye Results 2013 (Part 4)

    Wye Results 2013 (Part 4)

    Fished Llanthomas ne Glasbury today, hooked a fish on a red shrimp fly but lost it, only 1 dipper, no otters or kingfishers.
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    started a topic 5th October 2013

    5th October 2013

    Ithon and Irfon still about a foot up Ithon carrying colour. 1' 6" up on the gauge at Llanstephan and falling.
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    started a topic Welsh Dee Salmon Conservation Fund

    Welsh Dee Salmon Conservation Fund

    check this out here
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    started a topic 4th October 2013

    4th October 2013

    Upper river around Llangurig and up seems to have missed the rain, there is about 6" on at Rhayader but most is coming from the Ithon and Ifron, with plenty of colour. Should fall quickly but may stay coloured.
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    started a topic 3rd October 2013

    3rd October 2013

    Main river up at Llangurig is up about 2" and the Irfon has caused a small (6") rise in the river below Builth Wells. Looks like more rain to come.
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    started a topic EA August News

    EA August News

    The Environment Agency said almost 50,000 fish died in July because warm water holds less oxygen, causing scores of trout and roach to suffocate and leaving fisheries turning away customers.

    Salmon fisheries had to put temporary stops on fishing to protect stocks because of a lack of salmon running into rivers, with many remaining in estuaries rather than running up rivers because of the heat.

    Royalty fishery in Christchurch stopped salmon fishing from July 6, and the river was only able to be fished twice in the last month.

    Nigel Gray, who runs Davis Tackle, which sells tickets for the Royalty fishery, said yesterday was the first day in weeks that they had been able to fish for salmon, due to an agreement across Hampshire to stop fishing when temperatures reach 19 degrees. This is in place to protect stocks of salmon, which won’t run into rivers when oxygen and water levels are low.

    “This didn’t happen last year at all,” said Mr Gray. It happened the year before, but it’s the sheer length of the heatwave this year that’s different. It’s the longest continuous period that we’ve had to stop fishing for about 20 years.

    Mr Gray said salmon levels in Hampshire were “pretty critical” due to a combination of water quality, abstraction – water being taken from rivers - and the high temperatures.
    The Environment Agency reported scores of roach, chub and bream dying in Norfolk and London during July, with trout and salmon stocks affected in the south west.There were also concerns about heavy intense rain, causing pollution to run into waterways.
    Mark Lloyd, chief executive of the Angling Trust and Fish Legal said it would take the angling industry some time to recover.
    He said as well as low oxygen levels during the hot spell, abstraction was a problem.
    “The problem with high temperatures is the oxygen content goes down in the water and you get ‘low flows’ which concentrate pollution because there is less dilution," he said.
    “It has a big impact on the fish stocks which will have a long term impact on fishing.
    “The hot weather has an impact, particularly on salmon fishing. A lot of the fish are down in the estuary waiting to come in, and a lot of rivers lose about one or two per cent of their stock a day as they are in the estuary.
    “We need a lot more rain to make a difference.”
    The Environment Agency reported 15 separate incidents of fish, particularly trout, bream and chub, dying across the country because of the July heatwave. Teams used specialist pumps to boost oxygen levels at lakes across the UK, including in Pitville Park Lake in Cheltenham and Tiptree village pond in Essex, where oxygen levels dipped from a healthy 40 to just three per cent.
    Godfrey Williams, Environment and Business Manager (Fisheries) at the Environment Agency, said: “The problems extended from Cornwall in the south west to Gloucester, London and Kent.
    “It has been a particularly intense period, and a significant period of concern for fish, particularly through southern parts of the country.
    “We haven’t had so many reports of dying salmon, the main issue has been its deterred fish from entering rivers.”
    Richard Garner-Williams, regional chairman for the salmon and trout association in Wales, said some fisheries had put a temporary stop on salmon fishing because of the hot weather, which caused there to be less fish in the rivers.
    He said a fishery owner in Wales said they had turned away customers because of the lack of salmon running through the rivers during the hot spell. He said: “Last year we had a tremendous amount of rainfall, it was much more successful for salmon fishing. If you have a dry summer there are not many fish running along the river.”
    But anglers said they hoped as temperatures had now dipped, salmon would be encouraged to run into rivers and stocks would not be depleted.
    The Environment Agency said the areas affected during July were:
    • Moston Flash, Sandbach
    • Tear drop lakes, Milton Keynes
    • Pittville Park, Cheltenham
    • Springfield Marina, River Lee
    • River Parr, Cornwall
    • River Delph, Welney, Norfolk
    • Grand union canal, Southall
    • Hornchurch River, Ingrebourne
    • South Park lake, Ilford
    • The Mote, Park Farm, Ashford
    • Swalcliffe Brook, Ken

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    started a topic 30th September 2013

    30th September 2013

    After another poor month of catching springers and often again, the rivers remain low and conditions difficult except below monmouth where Bigsweir should be having a great time of it if there were any fish running.
    Rain may reach the river on Thursday but will it be significant?
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    started a topic 19th september 2013

    19th september 2013

    The upper river is now dropping and clearing the colour put in by a small rise in the Ithon. Predictions of 3 hours of rain this morning may have more effect on the levels later today.
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    started a topic 18th September 2013

    18th September 2013

    Yesterdays rain and some overnight has put the river at Builth Wells about 2 feet up, falling now. A little colour from the Ithon should clear quickly and some stale fish may be caught on the upper river and maybe a few fresher ones low down.
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    started a topic 17th September 2013

    17th September 2013

    Heavy rain all morning in wales and the upper river is rising again.
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    started a topic WUF's Contribution

    WUF's Contribution

    Simon Evans was present at the meeting on 15th September at Builth Wells. He contributed nothing to the meeting despite what appears to be a wealth of knowledge held by WUF on subjects such as Voluntary Access Agreements and negotiating with Canoeists and with riparian owners on behalf of canoeists. Of course in the real world WUF have not negotiated with any clubs on the Wye neither Paddlesports or Angling.
    Here is their take on the situation.
    Wye & Usk Foundation News Update

    Canoe Access Issue

    Visit Wales are carrying out a survey of tourism in Wales to, amongst other things, assess the contribution of various outdoor activities to the Welsh economy. Worryingly, angling has been omitted from the list of activities in the survey. This may just be an oversight but in light of moves from the Welsh Government to legislate for free and open access for paddlers etc to waterways, it is important that all anglers who have visited Wales in the last year complete the survey.
    It is vital that fishing interests are not marginalised and have a say in future policy-making of the Welsh Government. We would be very grateful if you could take 10 minutes to complete the survey.
    To start the survey, please click the 2nd link "Survey for visitors who undertake outdoor activities" at the bottom of this Visit Wales page. Please note that Section 2 is where you will need to enter 'Fishing' in the 'Other' box at the bottom of the page and that the survey closes on 20th September 2013.
    A great deal of concern is being expressed about possible plans to create open access both across farmland and, crucially for us, across the rivers and streams of Wales. Until recently, it was understood that government policy was to create opportunities to canoe by Voluntary Access Agreements (VAAs) and of course in the navigable section of the Wye.
    Our part in this was to set up pilot arrangements for the upper Wye and Usk in 2007 and while the details were very specific to these sections of river we did show that it as possible for a Non Governmental Organisation (NGO) or fishing group to conclude arrangements for shared use. These fell well short of the aspiration of the National Canoe body (Canoe Wales) who insisted on 365 day access - thus ensuring that few deals would ever take place.
    Many anglers were also critical of these arrangements citing a number of problems, top of this list being lack of compliance by canoeists. So progress with the plan for further agreements have fallen ell short of WGs hopes, which lead to the consultation in early September and, in turn, to a Green Paper proposing open access in the Spring of 2014. National Assembly of Wales: Our Legislative Canoeists not behaving sensibly
    What always seems to get lost in discussions is that many of our rivers spend long periods of time at or even below summer level and are simply too small for rafts, canoes and even swimmers. By contrast, many of the great easterly flowing rivers of Scotland, from whence the idea of open access may have originated, remain navigable even when dead low as exasperated fishers will know on Spey and Tay.
    WUF's view is that continuous river traffic, especially in smaller sections, will significantly reduce the economic output derived from fishing whilst not replacing it with income from navigation. On top of that we hold that there are limits to what can be absorbed without environmental degradation or damage. So what else is to be done?
    Surely now is the time to enter into the spirit of Voluntary Access Arrangements? Just as we would not consult our national angling body about how we let or manage our fishing, there is no need to deal with Canoe Wales - anglers simply need to get on with it before this inertia is cited as the main reason for legislation. Please write to you AM if you live in Wales to endorse this view.
    All the best from WUF.
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    started a topic 15th september

    15th september

    well it looks like the best of the rain will mostly miss us, a little more predicted for thursday .....
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    started a topic 12th september 2013

    12th september 2013

    yesterdays rain had little or no impact, the river has dropped back to summer level after the small rise mostly caused by the Irfon.
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    started a topic 11th september 2013 its raining

    11th september 2013 its raining

    its raining 'properly' in mid wales
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    started a topic 9th september 2013

    9th september 2013

    Ithon and Irfon up an inch or so, main river about the same. Temperatures have dropped significantly.
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    started a topic Tyne Upstream Counts

    Tyne Upstream Counts

    period total rank 5 year av 10 year av long term av
    august 8168 3rd 5738 5992 4566
    jan - august 17811 3rd 15185 15368 11644
    recent fish counts from the Tyne counter

    remember that they are both salmon and sea trout.
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    started a topic 8th september 2013

    8th september 2013

    The Wye catchment yet again avoided the rain, once again proving that nothing WUF do makes any difference really, its all down to the river conditions. Few, if any salmon caught for a week and not much promise of rain to come.
  • Wye & Usk Foundation News Update 6th September

    We've finally moved offices. Our new address is: Unit 4 Talgarth Business Park,Trefecca Road, Talgarth LD3 0PQ. Tel: 01874 711714.
    While we've been off the air, Wye and Usk have "enjoyed" some very hot weather, punctuated by just one wet spell. The result is both rivers are at summer level and water temperatures nearly reached 70 degrees F. This has brought salmon fishing to a near standstill; trouting has been very slow but coarse fishing and grayling have at times been surprisingly good.
    The weather is set to change on Friday and if the forecasts are correct there will be a few days of welcome rain. Its going to take quite a downpour to get salmon moving upstream again but it might liven up those already in the river. There are some changes to fishing rules in September: It is fly only for the Wye from the 1st while on the Usk it is fly and spinner only from the 15th.
    A number of smolts were marked by the removal of the adipose fin and released in 2012 and '13 from ponds upriver on the Wye. In this way, an assessment can be made of the success of this project from rod catches. This year, any of these fish returning after one winter at sea (grilse - salmon between 4-7lbs) will be so marked; Please let us know if you catch one, ideally with a photo. This applies to either river (and even the Taff and Severn where it may be possible to take a scale or two from a retained fish)
    Events: Friday 18th October WUF's General Meeting: presentations on the year's work on both rivers. Park Hotel, Pandy (here) on the Monnow for a change.
    30th and 31st October ISAC Project Final Report and presentation (Day 1) and river walk/site visit Day 2 New Offices in Talgarth. We are at the back One way of keeping cool: August at Hereford
    Nick Brabner Autumn River Walk Sunday 24th November. If you have never seen salmon spawning or ascend passes and falls, this is the trip to come on. Details of all these events are on our website. Please contact us if you would like to come to any of these events.
    Prospects As always we are in the hands of the weather and in particular, how much rain is likely to fall,,,,,and where. Forecasts seem to change by the hour. We will post again after the weekend.
    All the best from WUF
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    started a topic 6th September 2013

    6th September 2013

    no change in the conditions. Beautiful summers morning, sun beating down from clear blue sky
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    started a topic 4th September 2013

    4th September 2013

    The river is now below summer level, lets hope fridays rain helps. The morning broke cool and misty even foggy but promises sunshine later.
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    started a topic Iceland Salmon Catches

    Iceland Salmon Catches

    Catches up to 28th August for the top 12 Icelandic rivers are

    27227 compared to 17081 on the same rivers last year
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    started a topic 29th August 2013

    29th August 2013

    The river is now at summer level, the Elan compensation flow has increased due to low water conditions and to allow continued abstraction. Looks like being another disappointing month even for the lower river, Wyesham has reported just 18 fish in July and August, somewhat down on previous months' reports.
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    started a topic 28th August 2013

    28th August 2013

    Nothing much to report, river low and falling, temperatures are improving though with last night quite a lot cooler than recently.
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    started a topic 27th August 2013

    27th August 2013

    Upper river now pretty low and clear, slightly cooler nights may help with water temperatures. Lower river should be the place to be.
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    started a topic 20th August 2013

    20th August 2013

    Upper river dropping away now but one beat, the rocks, just above Builth, took its first fish of the season.
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    started a topic 19th August 2013

    19th August 2013

    Upper river now falling back to pre -spate levels. Looks like about 8" up at Builth Wells, it will soon be too low again
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    started a topic 17th August 2013

    17th August 2013

    Yesterdays rain brought the upper river higher than the previous recent record that was set last June. More rain today should put the river out for a few more days but maybe bring some better fishing as the water subsides.
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    started a topic 16th August 2013

    16th August 2013

    looks like a substantial spate this time the river at Llangurig is up over 2 feet and the Ithon is rising to add its colour to the water, the upper Irfon is following suite. Should take a couple of days to run off.
  • Essington and Wyrley Canal

    I walked down the aforementioned canal today near Bentley Bridge Wednesfield. Volunteers have cleaned it all out and the water is crystal clear, abounding with shoals of roach and perch and one or two shady pike hiding here and there.
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    started a topic 15th August 2013

    15th August 2013

    Upper river at Llangurig up about a foot but nothing on the Ithon and very little on the Irfon.
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    started a topic WUF Angler Returns

    WUF Angler Returns

    I see that David Watkins (WUF Marketing / Project Officer) completed a WUF return for the Llangadog water when he caught 4 fish (1 killed) he fished on 13 th August and blanked but no report (yet).

    I guess this is what happens a lot, very misleading, is it deliberate?
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    started a topic WUF Canoeing and Splash

    WUF Canoeing and Splash

    Here is an email subject of a freedom of information request from EAW

    From: Dr Stephen Marsh-Smith []
    Sent: 11 June 2010 11:09
    To: 'Strickland, Matt'; Jones, Ieuan (ESH - ECM); 'Schofield, Andy'
    Cc: Watkins, John (ESH - ECM); Dellar, Catrin (ESH - ECM); Quarrell, Gerry (ESH - ECM)
    Subject: RE: Access to Water Sub Group Meeting - potential projects

    My view on your selection is as follows:
    1. Usk – when the Sus Ctte has deliberated and owners have settled down, I think there is a distinct possibility of an out of season 18th Oct – 2nd March arrangement here. You already know of the sensitivities here.
    2. Severn, plus its tribs. Banwy and Vyrnwy could also be included. We don’t know much about this area but we are about to commence a river restoration project in these catchments
    3. Tywi – In addition to the section you have marked, the section immediately downstream of Llandeilo as far Nantgareddig is mainly privately owned and in two principal holdings. I know the owners well and in earlier discussions, they were not averse in principle to usage from 1st Feb – 1st April but only if this is strictly adhered to. Would be happy to negotiate here.
    In addition to your selection another occurred to us during a discussion in the office:

    The Llwyd (or Lwyd) runs south from Blaenavon thru’ Pontypool, Cwmbran to join the Usk near Newport (its the one you can see from the train from Abergavenny southwards) Until recently, it has been heavily dammed with 5 very substantial weirs. In May we took out the one at Pontypool and have been given consent to remove the next one upstream. There is a meeting planned shortly to deal with the one above that. This would leave one at Blaenavon – an upper limit and one at Pont y Moel. At a guess there could be some 20km+ with just one weir to negotiate to get to Ponthir.

    I should stress that it is a small spate “Valleys” river that would have some “red or black” run bits at the right height but for most of the year is at summer level or less. With delicate negotiation, it could be brought on board (the view of my project officer who lives locally) WUF would be available to negotiate if deemed suitable.

    Of interest is that the river is crossed at Pont y Moel (aka Pontymoile) by the Brecon and Monmouth



    Dr Stephen Marsh - Smith
    Executive Director Wye and Usk Foundation
    WUF Office 01982 560357 560788
    Home Office 560766 Mobile 07812118065
    Coach House, Old Rectory,
    Llanstephan, Brecon, LD3 0YR
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    started a topic More Great Tywi Fishing from WUF

    More Great Tywi Fishing from WUF

    check it out here

    looks like a bargain for£10
  • Stocking Young 2013

    For anyone who hasn't read the full content the file is here
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    started a topic 8th August 2013

    8th August 2013

    The main river above Elan is around 11" up and a lovely colour, can't see there being many salmon up there though. Below the Elan its about 10 inches up but a strange peaty colour coming from the Ithon which is still 7 - 8 inches up. Maybe a chance of a fast running Grilse or a an old fish stirred up by the small spate around Builth.
  • Liming - The Evidence

    With the imminent close of WUF's ISAC project the following documents findings are quite interesting

  • pHish - Powys Habitat Improvement Scheme 2002 - 2008

    The overall aim was to improve the Wye fishery upstream of Hay in a way that is both long lasting and permanent – sustainably.
    from here

    did it work? or is it ISAC that worked ?
  • Wye & Usk Foundation News Update Fishing & Project Update

    Wye & Usk Foundation News Update

    Fishing & Project Update

    We have had some very encouraging results from our ISAC project. For many years, the solution to the problem of acid rain proved elusive either because of cost or for technical reasons. WUF pioneered sand liming - the annual introduction of sand sized particles of limestone at multiple sites in the upper Irfon and Wye. We now have data covering results over the last ten years.
    Liming started in 2008. Although we were unable to monitor again until 2010, the graph opposite shows the cumulative effect: the pH has risen to safe levels for salmon and trout.
    Early reports from the NRW electrofishing team have been similarly encouraging with trout found further up the Irfon than hitherto and again salmon were found in the formerly acidified area. Elsewhere, the habitat restoration of Irfon's tributaries are showing significantly increased densities of salmon, especially in the Chwefru, near Builth. We will be presenting this at our General Meeting on18th October and in full detail on 30th October at the project's final report session.
    The long awaited rain has arrived and given both rivers a good flush through. Immediately before the water arrived, fresh grilse were seen and caught on the lower Wye. Usk will already be fishing and the upper Wye will have come into order this am. The forecast is for a cooler, wetter August so where to go will depend very much on river heights. ISAC: pH of limed and unlimed, adjacent Irfon tributaries 2002 - 2013 The control and limed Irfon tributaries referred to above
    A dismal report of the upper Wye in Trout and Salmon plus some fresh water suggests that this is the place to focus your attention! Trouting will have been given a boost and it's ideal for coarse fishing. Thank you to all those who responded favourably to our Catch and Release leaflet and free net.
    All the best from WUF
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    started a topic I wonder who this is

    I wonder who this is

    D. W. from Manordeilo, Tuesday 6 August, 2013
    Beat: Llangadog (Booking Office), Fishing Type: Sea Trout, No. Anglers: 1
    Conditions absolutely perfect for spinner and worm. I opted for the latter. On arrival at around 8.30pm, 2 other anglers were just packing up. One had caught a 2.5lber and lost a 4.5lber on spinner. The other had caught 2 trout around a pound, also on spinner.
    I loaded a worm and had a good knock first cast. Second cast produced a hard fighting 2.5lbs silver sewin, netted by one of the other anglers. 3 other fish to 4lbs followed in the next hour with several others missed. One fish around 1.5lbs taken home, everything else released.
    Fish appeared in the head of the pool with a few larger fish showing including a couple of double figure clonkers. Left happy around 9.45pm after it all went quiet.
    Returned at 5am and to a chilly morning and a valley mist. Not good as in my eperience, a mist generally puts the fish down. Had a few knocks, sewin and trout but nothing took enthusiastically. Had the absolute pleasure of fishing with 3 otters right in front of me for half an hour. Beautiful. It seem this last rise has finally brought some fish up river.
    4 Sea Trout
    any guesses
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    started a topic 7th August 2013

    7th August 2013

    Upper river and tributaries fining down after small spate, contrary to popular belief the Ithon rose about 18" and added its colour to the system, its now looking strangely peaty, should be some fish caught on the middle and lower upper river beats.
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    started a topic 6th August 2013

    6th August 2013

    Looks like a small spate going down the river might make 3 foot at Hereford but only around 2' 6" on the upper river. Should bring some fish up to the middle river and maybe to the upper river even. Look out for fin clipped grilse.
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    started a topic THE WUF Files

    THE WUF Files

    Splash Funding (is this more for canoeing?)

    PG: Money to improve access points on Wye.
    SMS: Midland/Corwen/Llangollen had set up agreement. WUF has facilitated the agreement. Midland flyfishers are very happy with how Wye agreement is working and wanted in transferred to Dee.
    NT asked why has WUF helped? SMS to spread load and prove VAA’s can work outside this area.
    I wonder if the Midland Fly Fishers have any actual experience of fishing the Wye?
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    started a topic 30th July 2013

    30th July 2013

    Yesterdays and some overnight rain had a small effect on the river. The Irfon was particularly affected. rising nearly a foot, The Ithon has risen a couple of inches and coloured slightly. At Builth the river is about 8 inches up on yesterdays mornings hight. Nothing in the Lugg.
    Upper river at Llangurug has now fallen back to 1 inch above summer low.
    I expect this will help the Barbel fishing and coarse fishing in general. There should be a Barbel bonanza.
    I can't see it helping the salmon catches but it will certainly lower the water temperature and help the salmon.
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    started a topic 29th July 2013

    29th July 2013

    More overnight rain has lowered temperatures and brought tributaries up a little, the Irfon is up 6 inches and all areas effected slightly but not as much as this.
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    started a topic 28th July 2013

    28th July 2013

    Heavy overnight rain has brought the river up by maybe 2 inches at most on the upper river, cooler conditions should help the fish that are in the river.
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    started a topic 27th July 2013

    27th July 2013

    No change in the conditions on the upper river, above the Elan junction its painfully low and almost gone in places, thunderstorms promised for today so we will see what that brings
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    started a topic 26th July 2013

    26th July 2013

    No change on the upper river, maybe a few degrees cooler. some of the 'improved' tributaries may have dried up, so back to a 'normal' summer.
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    started a topic 25th July 2013

    25th July 2013

    Overnight rain has at last settled the dust and brought the Ithon and Irfon up around .5 - 1 inch, cloudier and probably 4 degrees cooler this morning
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    started a topic 24th July 2013

    24th July 2013

    First drop of rain for a few weeks this evening has dampened down the dust, apparently there is more to come.
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    started a topic River East Lyn closes

    River East Lyn closes


    A higher than normal number of fish deaths on North Devon's famous River Lyn has caused the temporary closure of the Watersmeet and Glenthorne fishery on the East Lyn.
    As of today (July 12) anglers should not fish for salmon and sea trout on this Environment Agency controlled stretch of water. We will review the situation and reopen the fishery at the earliest opportunity.
    The action has been taken to reduce stress on remaining fish and ensure as many as possible successfully spawn in the river later this year. Owners of private fisheries on the Lyn are being encouraged to introduce a similar voluntary closure in a bid to safeguard stocks.
    Symptoms shown by diseased salmon and sea trout include open lesions around the head and fungus on fins and other parts of the body. A similar outbreak occurred on the East Lyn last year.
    The Environment Agency has launched an investigation into the fish mortalities and will monitor the River Lyn throughout the summer to establish the cause of the problem.
    Salmon are being tested at the Environment Agency’s National Fisheries Laboratory to identify the disease. Migratory fish are prone to stress caused by low flows and rising water temperatures and this can exacerbate any underlying health problem and make them vulnerable to disease.
    ‘It is not uncommon to see fish with fungal infections during the summer. However, we have decided to temporarily close the East Lyn fishery because of the high incidence of diseased fish and the associated fish deaths in the river this year,’ said Mike Holland for the Environment Agency.
    ‘We will decide whether or not to re-open the fishery once we’ve had the results back from our National Fisheries Laboratory and have completed our monitoring of the river, including the fate of new fish running into the river from the sea,’ explained Mike Holland.
    The disease only affects migratory salmon and sea trout. Other fish in the river appear to be healthy.
    People can report any sightings of diseased fish on the Lyn or any other west country river by calling the Environment Agency’s free 24-hour incident hotline 0800 80 70 60

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    started a topic 23rd July 2013

    23rd July 2013

    The river is still a trickle amongst the boulders especially above the Elan compensation flow. Cloudier and a bit cooler this morning, it looks like we might miss the thunderstorms ....
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    started a topic 22nd July 2013

    22nd July 2013

    Still no change although the day has dawned with a heavy cloud cover, it doesn't feel like rain and no rain yet.
  • Wye Salmon Association Newsletter July 2013

    Can be downloaded from here
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    started a topic 21st July 2013

    21st July 2013

    Upper river really low now, thank god for the Elan at least that is keeping some water in the river below its confluence. Thunderstorms predicted for the middle of next week may well help.
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    started a topic Canoeing on the Usk

    Canoeing on the Usk

    If anyone is in doubt as to the attempts by WUF to bring more canoeing to the Usk see here
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    started a topic 20th July 2013

    20th July 2013

    River levels still very low and temperatures high. This morning a little cloud cover has obscured the sun, giving the countryside a breather.
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    started a topic 19th July 2013

    19th July 2013

    Upper river just keeps dropping and warming, the cold water from the Elan giving a little respite. Weather forecast promises some rain on Monday/ Tuesday maybe
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    started a topic 18th July 2013

    18th July 2013

    No change on the upper river, stay indoors and watch the cricket ....
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    started a topic 17th July 2013

    17th July 2013

    Upper river is now well below summer level and in danger of drying up, below Elan junction is being supported by extra output from the Elan valley, more sun and heat is on the cards.
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    started a topic 16th July 2013

    16th July 2013

    Upper river and tributaries still falling very slowly. This morning has dawned overcast and a little cooler with the lack of sunshine (so far). Prospects look poor well into August.
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    started a topic 15th July 2013

    15th July 2013

    Not much change in the river conditions, the Elan is a few degrees cooler than the main river so if you want to fish then it may be worth a trout fishing visit there. Tickets available at
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    started a topic 14th July 2013

    14th July 2013

    Not much change river is low and warm, wall to wall sunshine ....
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    started a topic 13th July 2013

    13th July 2013

    No change except maybe a couple of degree warmer
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    started a topic 12th July 2013

    12th July 2013

    Not much more to add. The Elan may be a good bet for a trout, probably a degree or two cooler than the main river.
  • Catch and Release. Good policy or playing into the hands of the fish farmers?

    I see on the SFF, Seeking has once again attempted to turn people to his 'knock em on the head, its for their own good', policy (sounds a bit like Tom Rigby to me?).

    Now he suggests , 'knock em on the head for the anglers good.'

    Whilst I appreciate his contrary comments re the Spey Boards assertion that Spring fish are in some way 'heritable', are plausible, I do not believe that Spring fish have been proven to be genetically distinct to any other yet??? Although in mine and everyone that I knows' experience they are better takers, therefore more vulnerable to exploitation by rods. I can't see how killing precious broodstock in the Welsh and English rivers is going to affect the fish farmers or put more salmon in the rivers.
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    started a topic 11th July 2013

    11th July 2013

    River low and warm, Walking bare foot on the gravel you can feel the warmth of the stones on your feet in a foot of water!!!! Best left alone until it cools or we have some rain.
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    started a topic 10th July 2013

    10th July 2013

    The upper river is low warm and clear, no signs of any change from the constant sunshine until at least after the weekend.
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    started a topic 9th July 2013

    9th July 2013

    The Elan compensation flow has gone up by 1.5", other than than not much to report, river low and clear.
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    started a topic 8th July 2013

    8th July 2013

    Upper river is very low and the sky is almost cloudless. The Elan is still running a few extra inches of compensation which will help keep the temperatures down on the upper river a little but no one is salmon fishing.
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    started a topic 6th July 2012

    6th July 2012

    Upper river still dropping, the little freshet was quite welcome with the onset of summer. Today looks like wall to wall sunshine, straw hats and bikinis.
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    started a topic 5th july 2013

    5th july 2013

    Upper river dropping back to summer low. Compensation flow increased on Elan has put the Elan river up about 3 inches
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    started a topic 4th July 2013

    4th July 2013

    Upper river now falling after yesterdays freshet which oddly carried very little colour (see pics), a little rain overnight has done little more than dampen the ground.
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    started a topic 3rd July 2013

    3rd July 2013

    Overnight rain has brought the upper river up about a foot and the Irfon around 3 inches, nothing much on the Ithon. It hasn't reached Builth Yet.
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    started a topic Offence of aggravated trespass

    Offence of aggravated trespass

    Some Interesting thoughts for canoeists
    68Offence of aggravated trespass.

    A person commits the offence of aggravated trespass if he trespasses on land [F1in the open air] and, in relation to any lawful activity which persons are engaging in or are about to engage in on that or adjoining land [F2in the open air] , does there anything which is intended by him to have the effect—

    of intimidating those persons or any of them so as to deter them or any of them from engaging in that activity,

    of obstructing that activity, or

    of disrupting that activity.

    The reference in subsection (1) above to trespassing includes, in Scotland, the exercise of access rights (within the meaning of the Land Reform (Scotland) Act 2003 (asp 2)) up to the point when they cease to be exercisable by virtue of the commission of the offence under that subsection.]

    Activity on any occasion on the part of a person or persons on land is “lawful” for the purposes of this section if he or they may engage in the activity on the land on that occasion without committing an offence or trespassing on the land.

    A person guilty of an offence under this section is liable on summary conviction to imprisonment for a term not exceeding three months or a fine not exceeding level 4 on the standard scale, or both.

    [F4A constable in uniform who reasonably suspects that a person is committing an offence under this section may arrest him without a warrant.]
    In this section “land” does not include—

    the highways and roads excluded from the application of section 61 by paragraph (b) of the definition of “land” in subsection (9) of that section; or

    a road within the meaning of the M1Roads (Northern Ireland) Order 1993.

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    started a topic 2nd July 2013

    2nd July 2013

    Upper river low but the overcast and cooler conditions may be the undoing of a resident fish. Looks like rain.
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    started a topic Fishin Jokes

    Fishin Jokes

    An old Scotsman fulfils a lifelong ambition by fishing the Junction Pool on the Tweed one autumn morning.

    His fishing is interrupted by a Funeral procession heading into the town over the Kelso Bridge. The old Scot reels in his fly, takes off his hat, and bows his head until the entire convoy has disappeared over the bridge and out of sight

    As he is about to re-cast, the astonished ghillie says "In all my years as a ghillie on this beat, I have shared a boat with some of the most illustrious men in Scotland, but that sir, without a doubt, is the most respectful and humbling moment of them all. Well done to you"

    "Aye" replies the elderly Scot, before shooting out the line.....

    "Ah were married to her the day wi left school"
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    started a topic 1st July 2013

    1st July 2013

    No change on the upper river. Still dropping away after the small freshet, its pretty low uo here now.
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    started a topic F1


    Rosberg and Mercedes prove once again that cheats prosper ....
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    started a topic Lobby or Claws

    Lobby or Claws
    This giant lobster has avoided being the catch of the day in a seafood restaurant - because he's so huge he'll be thrown back in the sea.

    The monster two-and-a-half foot lobster, nicknamed 'Lobby' or 'Claws', was pulled from the sea near Lyme Regis, Dorset.

    But due to his huge size, and at the impressive age of 'at least 60', he will instead be looked after at a local aquarium before being returned to the ocean.

    Lyme Regis Aquarium owner Max Gollop said 'Lobby' was rare because of his age, size, and abnormally large crushing claw.
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    started a topic 30th June 2013

    30th June 2013

    Upper river dropped a little since yesterdays small freshet, its windy and cloudy in mid wales occasional sunshine but warm with little sign of rain.
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    started a topic Llangadog AA

    Llangadog AA

    It seems that WUF are now letting fishing on the Tywi. Check here
  • Wye & Usk Foundation News Update Fishing Report 28th June 2013

    Wye & Usk Foundation News Update

    Fishing Report 28th June 2013

    "No use to anyone" is how the weather has been described this month. Neither flaming nor pouring with rain (the constant request from up-river salmon fisheries!) The grass keeps growing with just enough sun and water and the downside of this is that beats that are not grazed are already 6ft high with balsam, nettles or brambles.
    Quite a few salmon have been landed on the Usk, as far up as Crickhowell and down to the tide. the odd little rises - wouldn't grace them with the term 'spate' - have triggered more than expected upriver movement. Similarly on the Wye, a few have been taken above Hereford but the majority have come from below Monmouth with Wyesham, Cadora, Redbrook and the Bigsweirs all taking fish, largest 25lbs
    Trout fishers would perhaps describe their quarry as in a "cautious" mood. A few grayling are featuring in reports from Wye and tributaries. At last there has been some better reports from coarse fishers with barbel being landed in good numbers along with some decent chub.
    Every so often something really memorable happens. Those of you who live in Wales will recall that a few years ago, a levy was put on plastic bags: the idea was to discourage their use. Shops making this levy had the option of giving it to a charity of their choice. Maidenhead Aquatics have a number of shops in Wales as well as across England and sent us a huge cheque (four figures!) for all the bags they have sold in Wales. Many, many thanks and roll on the day England introduces this enlightened policy!
    If you haven't heard already, the Barrage seems to have been dealt another mortal blow as the Select Committee report has been published
    We are selling tickets for the Llangadog AA water: 2 miles of the best of the middle Tywi. The fishery has already produced a sea trout of 18 Tywi Sea trout Photo: Steffan Jones Aquarium - Please see story
    1/2lbs this year. This is an opportunity to try night fishing, although the Tywi has a good summer and autumn run of salmon. Details here or from the office.
    With no rain in prospect, the coming week looks like being a re run of the last. Testing trouting, good coarse fishing and salmon most likely from the lower beats. Wyesham has now sold all its fishing to regular rods but Cadora, Cadora Backs and Upper Bigsweir are available for day rods below Monmouth, with Severn Sisters, Courtfield, Goodrich and Caradoc still a good bet.
    Wentwood reservoir is currently affected by algae, we will advise when it is open again
    All the best from WUF
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    started a topic 29th June 2013

    29th June 2013

    Upper river caught some rain overnight and has risen 5 - 6 inches at Rhayader, Irfon is slightly up, water hasn't reached Glasbury yet.
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    started a topic Crutchlow in pole position

    Crutchlow in pole position

    Yamaha's Crutchlow topped the timesheets in a frantic qualifying session, moving from fourth to first on his final lap, pipping Honda's Marc Marquez by 0.357s.
    Marquez had broken a finger and a toe earlier on Friday after a crash in FP3.
    CR Honda's Stefan Bradl was third, with Valentino Rossi, Dani Pedrosa and Bradley Smith in row two.
    With Jorge Lorenzo expected to be ruled out after breaking his collarbone on Thursday, this represents a huge opportunity for the Briton to claim a maiden MotoGP win.
    However, hours after undergoing surgery in Barcelona, Lorenzo was cleared to fly back to the Netherlands and may yet try to start Saturday's race.
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    started a topic 28th June 2013

    28th June 2013

    Yesterdays rain did little or nothing to encourage salmon anglers out on the upper river. River levels have merely held their own.
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    started a topic 27th June 2013

    27th June 2013

    Upper main river and tributaries dropping and looking pretty thin again now. Some rain promised for today.
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    started a topic 26th June 2013

    26th June 2013

    Upper river is now back to low and mostly clear, just a hint of colour from the Irfon.
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    started a topic 25th June 2013

    25th June 2013

    Main river at Builth dropped around 8 inches since yesterday, almost back to pre rainfall levels.
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    started a topic Water Abstraction on the Teifi

    Water Abstraction on the Teifi

    Stephen Hack

    Share on twitterShare on facebookShare on emailMore Sharing Services0

    Closing date for comments: 10 July 2013. Notice of application to vary a full licence to abstract water and for a new licence to obstruct or impede the flow of an inland water by means of impounding works at Alltcafan Mill, Pentrecwrt, Llandysul, Carmarthenshire.
    Notice is hereby given, in accordance with Section 37 of the Water Resources Act 1991 and Regulation 6 of the Water Resources (Abstraction and Impounding) Regulations 2006 that an application has been made to Natural Resources Wales by:
    Stephen Hack to vary full licence to abstract water serial number 22/62/02/0041 which authorises the abstraction of water from Afon Teifi, Alltcafan Mill, Pentrecwrt, Llandysul, Carmarthenshire at National Grid Reference SN 38616 39207.
    3,600 cubic metres an hour 32,400 cubic metres an hour
    86,400 cubic metres a day 777,600 cubic metres a day
    31,536,000 cubic metres a year 217,728,000 cubic metres a year
    All year All year
    The water will be used for hydro-electric power generation. All abstracted water will be returned to Afon Teifi at National Grid Reference SN 38535 39232.
    Application is also being made for a new licence to obstruct or impede the flow of Afon Teifi at Alltcafan Mill, Pentrecwrt, Llandysul, Carmarthenshire at National Grid Reference SN 38619 39214.
    The object of impounding water by means of the works is to licence works, including realignment and installation of a fish pass, to an existing weir.
    A copy of the applications, maps, plans and any other document submitted with it may be inspected free of charge at the address of Natural Resources Wales at Lampeter Office, Glan Teifi, Barley Mow, Lampeter, Ceredigion, SA48 7BY during normal office hours (Monday-Friday, except bank holidays).
    Summary details of the applications are also available from the Public Register held by Natural Resources Wales at the above address and may also be inspected free of charge during normal office hours.

    Any person who wishes to make representations about the applications must do so in writing, quoting the name of the applicant and Reference Number WPCC00030 and WPCC00060 to Water Resources Permitting Team, at Wales Permitting Centre (Cardiff), Natural Resources Wales, Cambria House, 29 Newport Road, Cardiff, CF24 0TP or by email to k by no later than 10 July 2013.

    For further advice about making a representation, a leaflet - 'Making your views count' is available free of charge on request from local Natural Resources Wales offices. Any general enquiries about this notice can be made by telephoning 0300 065 3000.
    Signed: Anwen Davies
    On behalf of Natural Resources Wales
    Date: 12 June 2013

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    started a topic 23rd June 2013

    23rd June 2013

    Upper river hardly affected by overnight rain. Very slight rise showing about 1.5" at Rhayader.

    The sky looks full of rain but its only drizzling, wipers on intermittant
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    started a topic 22nd June 2013

    22nd June 2013

    Upper river at Llangurig up about 1.5 inches elsewhere its still falling. Some rain overnight and this morning but not enough so far to cause a spate.
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    started a topic 21st June 2013

    21st June 2013

    Heavy showers and some rain yesterday had little or no impact on the river. No rain so far today.
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    started a topic 20th June 2013

    20th June 2013

    Despite some rain and heavy, overcast conditions upper river and tribs continue to drop
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    started a topic 19th June 2013

    19th June 2013

    Upper river now low and clear, still falling a little the only hope is the rain promised at the weekend
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    started a topic Barbel Scarce on Wye opening day

    Barbel Scarce on Wye opening day

    It seems from the returns that Barbel were scarce on the opening day of the coarse season. The only stretch that really fished well appeared to be down at Wyebank and Courtfield, tickets can be had from Don Macer-Wright here.
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    started a topic 18th June 2013

    18th June 2013

    Upper river and tributaries returning to summer level after small rise not much chance now until rain predicted later in the week
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    started a topic 17th June 2013

    17th June 2013

    upper river falling from small rise over weekend maybe enough to stir a few residents but won't have bought any fresh fish in
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    started a topic 16th June 2013

    16th June 2013

    Upper river and tributaries still up a little especially the Irfon which is carrying around 5" of extra water, Ithon is up around an inch and the river around Glasbury is rising maybe a couple of inches.
  • Wye Salmon Association Report June 2013

    Wye Salmon Association
    Current Activities
    Preparation and consulation with WUF and WSFOA on document ‘Canoeing & Navigation on River Wye: Its effect on Angling’ Publication to website and circulation to 500+ helping to provide information to visiting anglers in particular on best times and places to avoid canoe traffic and make best enjoyment of their angling experience on the Wye [subject of discussion later in this meeting]. Document in process of circulation to all WSFOA members by Chairman and intended for publication to WUF and WSFOA websites……………not yet in place?
    Junior Fly Casting Courses and Senior Spey Casting Clinics. Three courses arranged for 2013 [see] . aimed at providing low cost entry way of improving skills of current anglers and introducing both new young and old to our sport. First 2013 course took place on June 8th in brilliant weather at Whitney Court. The beat donated by Whitney Court Estates and syndicate leader Terry Ward was in perfect condition to entertain the 17 anglers, the more experienced of whom spent the day honing their casting skills with the beginners learning to handle double handed rods under the guidance of instructors Leigh Davies and Justin Connolly. The conditions did not favour catches although one angler managed to hook and lose a fish and a number of Shad were inadvertently taken. Dave Smith, WSA Leader of the event remarked 'it was a brilliant day with everybody making the most of the conditions, the beat and the expertise of the instructors'. The event was supported by a display of rod, reels and lines by Sportfish along with a sale of used rods and lines donated to WSA for their SNR Fund by Airflo and Gary Welsher. Long time Wye gillie and RWGA Chairman Geoff Franks provided a demonstration of salmon fly tying, as can be seen from photos this was viewed with great interest by many present. Lunch in the form of a BBQ prepared by by Ian McCulloch was an opportunity for all those present to mix and meet fellow anglers to discuss their experiences along with an opportunity to view and tryout Sportfish rods and used tackle on sale by WSA. A raffle with prizes donated by Ian Thorpe of Golden Mile Fishery, Terry Ward of Whitney Court, Geoff Franks and Dave Smith raised funds for the SNR Project and winners were Allan Phillips, Ian Spalding, Dave Dugdale and Geoff Tyler. All funds raised will be donated to SNR Fund
    Two courses [junior and senior] are to be held on August 21st at Letton Court and we are in discussion with a scouting organisation and a local YHA regarding running courses for their members.
    WSA online shop is now up and running at . Selling bespoke flies, spindle flies and some used fishing tackle. Salmon Flies offered for sale are by Geoff Franks, every fly is hand tied to order and Geoff will copy other patterns and use different hooks if required. Spindle Flies are also hand made to order by their inventor Peter Thornley, these have proven deadly on the River Wye and many other rivers since their invention. Angling for salmon with the Spindle
    Fly isn’t designed to take the place of the traditional fly but is a proven alternative for those wishing to fish with spinning gear or when the water is unsuitable for the fly.
    WSA continue to provide significant support to the SNR Project. Dave Holland, WSA & GPIAC member has acted as Pond Manager for Nant Gwyn throughout year visiting 4 or 5 times a week to feed, check electric fencing and nets and generally ensure pond and fish secure and in good health. Smolts released by joint EAW/WSA Team on 28th May in visibly good health. A number of maintenance issues requiring attention were identified for resolution during the summer. These will be financed and carried out by WSA volunteers during a number of work days, dates to be announced shortly. If anyone is interested in helping please contact myself on 07789133263 or Jon Taylor on 07714468429. The relaxation of planning rules by Herefordshire CC allowing use of 4 ponds in Herefordshire at Hardwick, Redbrook Farm [Duchy] and Caradoc [2]] was achieved with much good work by David Revill and Patrick Darling in tackling the planning hierarchy plus preparation of a paper by WSA members and John Taylor at EAW detailing the ponds and addressing their concerns. WSA are researching more potential ponds and as well as discussions over a potential pond attached to a hydro electric scheme at Llysdinam estate near Newbridge on Wye, Powys a further two ponds on Nant Camdwr in Ithon catchment have been identified with a very enthusiastic owner along with a further two on a farm near Hampton Court on the Lugg. A full update of SNR activity follows this summary. During 2012/13 WSA joined forces with Golden Valley Fish and Wildlife Association [GVFWA] to help save the endangered River Wye Eel. European Eel (Anguilla anguilla) has plummeted in population by up to 90% and is now on the international Red List of endangered species. Eels, returning as juvenile elvers, are caught in their thousands as they enter their home river, many are exported to Asia for food before they can grow to mature eels in their intended destination. Opportunities to assist its survival are restricted to freshwater sites and last year GVFWA bought and stocked-out 4000 elvers in the River Dore catchment. This year in conjunction with WSA its target was 10000. Both Associations have experience of fisheries work and supported by EA facilitated permissions and authorisations to make this process of stocking out absolutely simple. The eel lives in freshwater for up to 50 years before migrating to sea to breed, stocking is a long-term benefit to the local environment, as well as the species. The commercial price of elvers had plummeted this year, as a result we were able to purchase 32,000 elvers were from the commercial netsmen. On Sunday 28th April 2013 a team of volunteers from GVFWA & WSA were able to distribute these amongst Letton Lake and various other stillwaters in the Wye catchment.
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    started a topic 15th June 2013

    15th June 2013

    Upper river on the rise again but only inches in it, about 4 inches in most places Irfon maybe 6", Ithon starting to rise a little and colour.
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    started a topic How the Tyne was won

    How the Tyne was won

    Stocking or natural regeneration?
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    started a topic What tactics on Opening Day

    What tactics on Opening Day

    On the Wye it looks like a rising river and under the brolly.
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    started a topic 14th June 2013

    14th June 2013

    upper main river up by 4 - 5", no change in the tributaries.
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    started a topic 13th June 2013

    13th June 2013

    More overnight rain has caused a slight rise of about .5" up and down the river, the Irfon is up around 4 inches this morning.
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    started a topic Funny Videos
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    started a topic 12 june 2013

    12 june 2013

    Overnight rain has affected the upper river and tributaries very slightly .5" - .75". not much help really. Overcast and windy here.
  • Right hand Cast and Right Hand Wind or Right hand Cast and Left hand Wind?

    Many people fish with their right hand up the rod on a double hander and reel right handed, they do the same on a single hander, can this be correct?
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    started a topic 11th June 2013

    11th June 2013

    A little light rain has done nothing so far other than dampen the dust down a little, river still falling slowly
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    started a topic 10th June 2013

    10th June 2013

    Upper river down to summer low and it seems little chance of a fish until it rains substantially.
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    started a topic 9th June 2013

    9th June 2013

    Upper river and tributaries still falling slowly, now down to lowest levels of the year so far.
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    started a topic 8th June 2013

    8th June 2013

    Upper river is as low as its been all year, not much prospects of salmon until we have some rain.
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    started a topic 7th June 2013

    7th June 2013

    Upper river continuing to fall, can't get much lower now.
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    started a topic 6th June 2013

    6th June 2013

    Upper river and tributaries are at summer low with just tiny drops since yesterday.
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    started a topic 5th June 2013

    5th June 2013

    Upper river and tributaries still managing to drop .5 to .75 of an inch in the last 24 hours, looking very thin and clear now.
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    started a topic Gaula Opens

    Gaula Opens

    More pictures of dead fish here
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    started a topic Norway season gets under way

    Norway season gets under way

    Some reports of dead fish here

    and here

    right click to translate
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    started a topic 4th June 2013

    4th June 2013

    Upper river doesn't get much lower than this. There are no problems with algal bloom but no salmon either
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    started a topic Alternative Monthly report

    Alternative Monthly report

    With the 'missing in action' nature of this months Trout and Salmon Wye report I thought I might write an 'alternative' one

    The month of May started slowly considering the amount of fresh fish that were running the river every day, we think it was lack of anglers as we were only able to sell 6% of the day tickets that we have available.
    Suddenly on 6th May the sea liced fish were starting to be landed, many were seen and even more were hooked and lost.. The majority of fish were being caught on flying c's which as everyone knows is a type of fly ( fly - ing c).
    Heavy run of fish seen at Wyesham on 8th May, can't work it if that was a run of heavy fish or a heavy run of light fish, nevertheless they were all sea liced and must have been mostly over 20lb. Lots of fish lost on the fly, we recommend that anglers fish the flying c its much better at getting the catch numbers up.
    There were fish reported moving through the rapids at Cadora backs on 10th May, all salmon of course and all fresh and sea liced.
    Monday May 13th saw another run of fish moving through Wyesham, apparently the water was ok for the fly but the flying c is better, 3 were caught and god knows how many were lost at the net and otherwise, surely we should be able to count them? We don't do we?
    We put out a warning about flying c's mid month but good old Martin Bowler caught 4 on the method the day after regardless, good old Martin.
    15th of May we had a flood but we still had some late fish to report to keep up the momentum on the blog. Coloured fish caught on the fly from the rectory photo put on forum then removed because the water looked too clear, good news though, others were seen running, strangely not many were hooked and lost.
    As the river dropped on the 20th it all took off with fish everywhere, well everywhere that we sell tickets, on 21st 4 were lost at the Spreadeagle, no, if we were going to count them we wouldn't report them lost now would we? More fish lost on 22nd from the Rectory and fish seen running, reports like this certainly improve day ticket sales and then catches improve don't they? Thursday 23rd saw 14 caught at Wyesham, all sea liced (what else would we expect) and all heading upstream despite being caught on flying c's. We bet they are heading for the Rectory.
    Friday 24th May a 28lber was caught at Bigsweir and this one was properly weighed, we guessed at 37lb, surely the scales were wrong?
    Carrying on from his earlier success Martin Bowler caught 4 more, some on fly and some on flying c. Its different when we do it of course.
    More fish caught in later May and all fresh and mostly sea liced. Lots were lost on fly, some long range releases which were all over 20lb and some at the net which were a little smaller averaging 12lb.
    All the fish caught and the ones hooked and lost were the product of WUF habitat work, please note the letter H written with felt tip on the adipose fin, excluded from these are the ones caught by Martin Bowler which obviously had his name on them.
    Please note that nearly all the fish caught in May were fresh and none had been in the river for a few months,
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    started a topic 3rd June 2013

    3rd June 2013

    The river and tributaries have continued to drop, about 0.5 of an inch over the last 24 hours.
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    started a topic 2nd June 2013

    2nd June 2013

    Upper river and tributaries dropped 0.75 inches since yesterday morning now very low and clear.
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    started a topic 1st June 2013

    1st June 2013

    Upper river has fallen a further 1.5 to 2 inches since yesterday and is almost back to the height before the last rise
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    started a topic 31st May 2013

    31st May 2013

    Upper river and tributaries continuing to fall and clear, will soon be to low.
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    started a topic 30th May 2013

    30th May 2013

    Upper river is now falling and clearing and should be fishable today
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    started a topic Ashes


    Pick an England team for the Ashes.
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    started a topic 29th May 2013

    29th May 2013

    The expected flood mentioned elsewhere has not happened, river is about a foot up or so at Builth Wells, Ithon is a foot up and coloured, nothing from the Elan so far and Irfon up a couple of inches.
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    started a topic 28th May 2013

    28th May 2013

    The river was not too affected by yesterdays rain, its about 6 - 7 inches up at Builth.
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    started a topic 27th may 2013

    27th may 2013

    Upper river still dropping and now extremely clear. River at Builth 1.5 inches from dead low.
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    started a topic 26th may 2013

    26th may 2013

    Tributaries are now at summer level and the upper main river is only a couple of cm's off summer low. Conditions favouring the lower river more and more.
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    started a topic 25th may 2013

    25th may 2013

    Elan valley now back to compensation flow, upper river getting low.
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    started a topic 24th may 2013

    24th may 2013

    Elan valley dams stopped flowing this morning so river dropping quickly, small rise at Builth due to showers in irfon catchment
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    started a topic 20th May 2013

    20th May 2013

    From Steve Dawes SFF
    Cadora at 4'6" this morning still a bit of colour, could be fishable Tuesday definetly by Wednesday albeit on the high side

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    started a topic 20th May 2013

    20th May 2013

    River at Builth dropped around 3 inches over the last 24 hours but still at a good fishing height.
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    started a topic UKIP


    Is it a wasted vote?
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    started a topic Cricket


    England bowl out the Kiwis for 68 ........ great performance
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    started a topic 19th May 2013

    19th May 2013

    All upper tributaries and main river are falling slowly, Elan valley dams are still flowing. At Builth Wells the river has dropped 5 inches in the last 24 hours up to 9am this morning. Ithon has dropped 2 inches and the Elan about 3.5 inches
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    started a topic 18th May 2013

    18th May 2013

    The main river at Builth has dropped about 9 inches since yesterday morning, lower river has fallen about 10 inches.

    ​The Ithon has fallen about 6 inches since yesterday morning and is the main culprit with the colour. Elan is still a foot up or so.
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    started a topic 17th May 2013

    17th May 2013

    The Elan is still putting some clean water into the system which might help with the colour a little, river still falling everywhere
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    started a topic 16th May 2013

    16th May 2013

    all tributaries dropped substantially overnight except the elan which seems to have risen 18", but i haven't confirmed that.
  • Clywedog Report 2002

    One page of many to follow click imageAttachment
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    started a topic 15th May 2013

    15th May 2013

    Ross area is now out, river rising rapidly
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    started a topic 15th May 2013

    15th May 2013

    Lugg is about a foot up and main river water starting to effect middle river, Ross seems ok at the moment
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    started a topic 15th May 2013

    15th May 2013

    Upper river above Ithon junction is about 3 feet up , Ithon is 7 feet up, Irfon not so affected about 2 feet and the river at Builth is about 5 feet up.
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    started a topic 14 May 2013

    14 May 2013

    Lugg is starting to rise as the Monnow ....
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    started a topic 14th May 2013

    14th May 2013

    Upper river and tribs dropping after yesterdays showers although the Ithon and main river are still carrying a hint of colour.
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    started a topic 13th May 2013

    13th May 2013

    Yesterday evenings rise in the upper river has almost run off this morning, Ithon is dropping and clearing and there was small rise in the Irfon overnight, the drop of water is now filtering down through the system. Looks like its at a good fishable height at the moment.
  • Wye & Usk Foundation News Update 12th May 2013

    Wye & Usk Foundation News Update

    12th May 2011

    It looks as though we are heading towards a wet May with a big downpour expected on Tuesday but also rain today and towards the end of the week. What has fallen already brought a peaty stain (Irfon) and grey colour (Ithon) to the Wye which rose about 1ft. The Usk rose only slightly.

    Although not widely held up as a notable scientific programme, the One Show ran a short piece about WUF's EU Life + liming programme in the upper Irfon. It will be downloadable for 6 days and appears near the beginning. Please have a look here if you have never seen an acidified stream.

    The 2013 Wye litter pick is now complete. Again, another massive effort has cleared Irfon, Ithon Edw and the main river from Newbridge downstream. Our joy at seeing hundreds of bags of rubbish is always tempered with the disappointment of finding the river is still used to get rid of so much plastic and rubbish. To our volunteers: a huge thank you and also many thanks to the Wye Preservation Trust and keep Wales Tidy for their support.

    Hatchery: If you are a Manchester United fan, you support your club to the exclusion of any other. It's sometimes like that for those who support hatchery schemes. For WUF, its more complicated. Clearly our principal support is for the holistic management of whole catchments - habitat restoration, water quality improvements and, so far as salmon are concerned, exploitation management.

    Nonetheless we also support the current Semi Natural Rearing programme, for two reasons. Firstly and most importantly, departing smolts are fin-clipped. Finally we will be able to see just how many actually return. This year, the project's second year, returning fish will be grilse and any with a missing adipose fin should be reported, ideally with a photo.

    The second reason is that if compensation for the lost habitat behind the Elan dams is to be with a hatchery, space above obstacles for conventional planting out is no longer sufficient for the allotted number. Should the smolts return in sufficient numbers, SNR ponds might provide the answer,

    Catch and Release: We are hearing of difficulties in safely releasing fish. Nearly all these reports involve Flying Cs. As temperatures rise the incidence of damage increases further as fish are more likely to swallow these lures, especially if cast upstream.

    The obvious answer is not to use them. Devon Toby and Mepps with de-barbed hooks offer a less dangerous (but not completely safe) alternative and there's always the fly. If you use Flying Cs, you will kill an unacceptable percentage of the fish you catch. Please handle them carefully, keep them in the water and don't hold them up for photography

    5th May - Early Monnow mayfly: Sign of many more to come?

    The One Show: Liming the upper Irfon

    Prospects Fish have continued to enter both rivers. The largest we've heard of being 27lbs from the Usk. Wye fishing has been confined to the beats below Ross where most of the fish have been sealiced. Trouting has not been helped by the generally unseasonable weather; more hatches would help.

    For both, there is likely to be an unsettled period dependent in extent on the amount of rain. We hope (and yes, there is a degree of bias!) that a spate brings salmon to the upper Wye and Usk. There is a lot of silt and cloudy debris that needs to be flushed, if we are to avoid an algal problem in hot weather.

    As so often the case last year, its a matter of watching the gauges and forecasts and chosing your fishing accordingly. The Booking Office is there to advise

    All the best from WUF

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    12 May 2013

    The upper river has been up and down like a fiddlers elbow with small rises between 6 and 12 inches, only one bought any colour into the river. No salmon seen above Builth Wells as yet, although a new 'special' season rod claimed to have seen 2 in the Aber pool and one was seen early on by two locals and an experienced angler saw a fish in the rocks about a month ago.
    The Irfon has been showing small rises but not bringing in much colour. I Ithon came up about 6 inched yesterday and was the main source of the poor colour in the water.
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    started a topic Lions Tour

    Lions Tour

    Warburton as captain? I thought he was a baker.
  • Shooting Head? Full Spey Line or Double Taper?

    Which one is best
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    started a topic Wye Results 2013 (part 2)

    Wye Results 2013 (part 2)

    Please post here whilst i sort out the problem with the database on the other thread
  • Ayreshire Egg Boxes

    Some interesting egg box experiments here
  • Stream Width for Salmon Spawning

    Some interesting information here from the Atlantic salmon trust I particularly was interested in the part that stated

    7 Small streams are principally used by salmonids for spawning and as nursery areas. Salmon

    prefer streams with a width of more than 2.5 metres; the minimum size utilised by trout, on the

    other hand, appears to be 0.8 metres, with streams of only 1 metre wide used by large sea trout

    for spawning. Juvenile trout tend to show a preference for habitat that lies close to banks, which

    by definition is a higher proportion of stream area in narrower channels. Electro-fishing surveys

    within the Tweed catchment have shown that streams averaging 2 metres and under are

    dominated by trout fry, while in channels averaging 2 metres and over salmon fry predominate. In

    very small streams 0+ trout fry move downstream early; this is essential in ephemeral streams

    such as winterbournes. On the island of Gothland 0+ trout fry move into brackish water, and

    elsewhere they may make use of pools and lake littoral zones. Evidence from Burrishoole shows

    that juvenile fish, particularly in older age classes, move progressively downstream from spawning

    areas throughout the year. Nevertheless, quite small streams may also contain small resident

    trout .
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    started a topic NHS


    In the Good old days, you got ill, you were poor, you died. Today, everyone seems to think they have the right to be cured. Result of this sloppy socialist thinking? More poor people.

    Alan B'stard, New Statesman
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    Canoeists Pick their own litter

    from the wuf website

    6th April

    In the largest single exercise of the 2013 clean up, 15 volunteers started just above Glasbury, working their way down the 4 miles or so to Hay-on-Wye. 5 of the volunteers were on the bank while another 10 cleared in-river litter from canoes. An astounding amount of litter was taken out of the river - 63 bags of it, along with 9 tyres, 16 feed buckets, 1 chair, 1 x 50 gal drum, 6 police signs, 1 stack of electrical stuff, 1 car front bumper unit, 1 canoe (broken), 1 rowing boat (smashed) and a dog basket.

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    started a topic Trades Unions

    Trades Unions

    The shop steward announces the results of negotiations with the employers. ‘From now on,’ he tells his members, ‘all wages are going to be doubled, holidays will be six months a year, and we are only going to have to work on Fridays.’ ‘What!’ comes a cry from the back of the hall. ‘Every bloody Friday?
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    Mobile Phones

    As I feel more and more alone, my phone confidently connects with everyone. As I feel more and more lost, my phone calmly knows how to get anywhere. As I struggle to remember mundane things like the name of that movie with the boat and the guy with the lip, my phone smugly recalls literally everything. As I increasingly lose the nouns, verbs and adjectives that once stood ready to articulate my thoughts, my phone taunts me with its instant access to all the words there have ever been. There is only one possible conclusion. Slowly, without realizing it, I seem to have outsourced my mind to my phone. And to make matters worse, the damn thing knows it... and it's starting to screw with me. Several times during the day I feel it buzz in my pocket, alerting me that some vital information has just arrived. Then, when I look, there's nothing there. No email. No text. Nothing. Was the buzz in my mind? I don't think so. I think it's purposeful. I think my phone is mocking me. And it's not just my phone. It's all of them. They are working together, systematically robbing us of our intelligence, our humanity. And then, when we are made stupid and helpless, they will take over. It's just a matter of time before the next generation of iPhone is equipped with an opposable thumb. Oh yeah, they're smart alright. Evil, world domination smart.

    I have to call people and tell them... Oh, great, now I have no bars! Dear God, what is happening?
  • 1997 - 7 Years: Too Little Too Late

    The Wye Foundation was formed specifically to tackle the problem of low fish stocks. That this was necessary, is in itself a criticism of the previous management. Seven years ago the responsibility for fisheries was separated from the water industry. Most of us looked forward to the benefits of more specialised fishery management.

    As well as the duties of water quality control and land drainage, the new Authority was given specific responsibilities to "maintain, improve and develop" fisheries. Unlike the water PLCs, the provision of this service was not fortified with the creation of a "watch dog". Moreover, in the interpretation of how maintaining, improving and developing a fishery should occur, they were freed from any targets and goals. Whereas the committees that governed land drainage were executive, fisheries committees were advisory only.

    In the case of the Wye, the new Authority brought no new blood into the management. Added to which, the problems brought on by the one department handling the four conflicting functions of fisheries, recreation, conservation and navigation (FRCN) often resulted in a complete stalemate. "We are watching the situation closely" became the answer to any suggestion of pro-active management. The way forward for them was in survey work, desktop studies and innumerable plans:

    "The Upper Wye Catchment management plan", "The Lower Wye Catchment management plan", the brown trout strategy, Review of Welsh region micro tagging, Decline of spring salmon on the river Wye, Section 142 rates, Navigation and so on. I have 3ft 11 ins of these documents and that is only a small proportion of the total!

    There was some fieldwork: a fish counter was installed at Redbrook for a three?year trial and a start was made at micro tagging salmon "to see where they go!" However, none of this would directly improve the poor state of the stocks. The annual redd counts, catch analysis and juvenile fish surveys all indicated a very serious decline during this period. More puzzling still was to try to discover who would be actioning all the many proposals and with what? Nonetheless, somewhere between £275,000 and £350,000 went on the tagging and counting. Against this backdrop of considerable disinclination to do any actual management of our river, it is easy to see why the Foundation was formed.

    The Environment Agency, successor to the NRA, starts the year with the issue of the 1995 annual report for the Wye. This 1egacy" of past regimens brings news of the lowest ever rod catch (1048) since records began nearly a century ago. Worse still, the juvenile fish survey of both salmon and trout show stocks to be at a very low level too, particularly salmon parr.

    Any government looking into issues of cost effectiveness versus results could be entirely excused for making some very substantial cuts and closures here. The money spent simply did not reach the target.On other rivers, there are plenty of examples of success. A recent survey by Scottish Borders Enterprise found that angling is worth more than £13 million to the local economy, of which £12.5 million is derived from salmon fishing. Fishing tourism supports more than 500 jobs here. In short, there is a real value to the economy in having a successful fishery. Arguably, though Tweed has always been a great salmon river it has never been so far ahead of the Wye as it is now.

    A common view, is that success has come from the successful collaboration between the statutory body, the Tweed Commissioners (on which is represented the fishery owners, fisherman and other local groups in an executive role) and the Tweed Foundation which has taken on the task of habitat management.

    The economic benefit is in little doubt and many will be wondering why on earth do we not have the same system here. In fact, I really believe we can.

    So let's put this darker period of the fishery management behind us and look forward to a more positive and productive chapter in the Wye's rather chequered history. From 1997 onwards, The Foundation looks forward to a happy partnership with the "Agency" Countryside Council, English Nature and of course our fisherman and owners.

    Dr Stephen Marsh-Smith
    The Wye Foundation

    from here
  • Where has all the Silt Come from

    Lots of reports on the Wye this year of heavily silted banks after all the high water of last year, where has it all come from?
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    started a topic Simon Evans in Australia

    Simon Evans in Australia

    Interesting report Mr Evans' visit to Australia here

    Simon Evans

    Deputy Director, Wye and Usk Foundation, UK.

    Simon Evans is a very keen fisherman who has been fortunate to combine his passion

    with the role of Deputy Director of the UK’s Wye and Usk Foundation, a charity formed

    primarily to address a massive decline in Atlantic salmon stocks.

    Simon is a fishery-orientated environmental scientist, involved in the UK’s rivers trust

    movement since its inception. After leaving university in 1994 he helped start the West

    Country Rivers Trust and won awards for his work developing techniques for reducing

    impact of agriculture on water and also maximising the economic and environmental

    value of fishing, both of which have since expanded into national programs. In 2004

    he moved to Wales to recover the river Wye so that it may once more support the

    greatest fishery in the UK.
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    started a topic World Cup Qualifiers

    World Cup Qualifiers

    1 point won or 2 points lost for England?
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    started a topic The Canoe passport and other earthly delights

    The Canoe passport and other earthly delights

    Brecon Beacons passport scheme here

    They are also encouraging canoeists on the glasbury to hay stretch here
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    started a topic Was the Wye Ever Lost

    Was the Wye Ever Lost

    Lets start at the beginning, did the Wye ever have a problem that was peculiar to it?
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    Good Fish from the helmsdale

    23lb fish from the helmsdale today in Arctic conditions on Gold bodied Willie Gunn

    returned here
  • River Temperature Study

    Interesting stuff here from exeter uni
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    Fishing from canoes

    It seems that a lower river owner has suggested this. How will it work?
  • The Benefits of Riparian Tree Planting

    Interesting PDF here on the above subject

    some people have been cutting the trees down for years to benefit the salmonoid population (apparently)
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    Usk results 2013

    A couple taken on opening day. The first Usk fish was from Pantygoytre caught by Steve Barker (8lbs) Another 7 1/2 lbs for Richard Goodwin from Llanbadoc on a small Ally
  • The Severn Barrage

    Proposals to build a barrage across the Severn estuary that could generate 5% of the UK’s electricity needs suffered a major blow today when energy minister Greg Barker ruled out introducing legislation before the next election.

    Mr Barker told the Westminster energy and climate change committee he did not have enough information to judge whether Hafran Power’s project was economically viable or environmentally sustainable.

    When asked if he thought it was “realistic” for legislation to enable the project to go ahead to be passed during this parliament, he said: “Not at all.”

    He continued: “To talk of there being a Bill before 2015 really would require some transformational level of information in order for us to give up Government legislative time which will be very squeezed, as well as the political time that would need to go into pursuing what is a very, very substantial project alongside [an] extremely packed [Department of Energy & Climate Change] agenda.”

    Read more: Wales Online
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    Severn Salmon Catches 2013

    Any reported yet?
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    More WTT

    From WTT here

    The film also demonstrates how energising the flow (by channel narrowing and partial lowering/removal of impounding structures) enables “self-cleaning” scour holes to form where the current acts on fallen timber. In many of our streams the input of deadfall timber has often been removed (e.g. deforestation for development or agricultural land use). Consequently, as the film demonstrates, it is often necessary to introduce and securely pin woody debris in the channel to recreate those conditions
    so who is compensating the Wye owners for all the LWD removed in the late 90's and early 2000's ?
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    started a topic ASFB 2012 Annual Review

    ASFB 2012 Annual Review

    Interesting Scottish Salmon River data here
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    EA Consultation on salmon in the Severn

    I see that the convener of the SSACA prefers a less socialist approach then you would imagine from a trades unionist.

    The Severn salmon anglers that have expressed a view to me on this issue are all supportive of the lave netsmen and back option 1. As SSACA doesn't yet have a formal membership structure there will be consultation between the officers of SSACA and the clubs, riparian owners and SRT before any response on behalf of SSACA
    LOL so don't ask the members then .....

    The fool should hurry up as Charles Crundwell said

    I will await the Severn Salmon Anglers Conservation Association response to the consultation by the process outlined in the document (if and when I receive it). This is the only way their views will be consideredI will await the Severn Salmon Anglers Conservation Association response to the consultation by the process outlined in the document (if and when I receive it). This is the only way their views will be considered
    As for the genetic study, the details are in fact freely available.

    The results of the WSA study will be available shortly but it seems that not many, in fact only 1.7% opted for option 1. Results will be confirmed shortly.

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    A findus spokesman explained tonight that products from findus will no longer be labeled with calories.

    Now it's horsepower
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    Pike Recipe

    • Butter, for buttering the foil
    • 1 pike (about 2-3kg)
    • Salt and pepper
    • 1 medium onion, sliced
    • 1 small bunch of fennel or thyme leaves
    • 2 fresh bay leaves

    For the mushroom sauce:
    • 50g butter
    • 1 medium onion, finely chopped
    • 250g mushrooms
    • Liver from the pike (optional), chopped
    • Salt and pepper
    • 80ml double cream
    • Thyme leaves from 1 sprig
    • Juice of ½ lemon


    How to make baked pike with wild mushroom sauce

    1. Prepare your pit (or preheat an oven to 200°C/gas 6).

    2. To bake the pike, pour boiling water over it and scrub away the scales and then place it on a double layer of aluminium foil, which you have buttered generously.

    3. Season the inside and out of the fish with salt and pepper, and lay the onion and herbs inside.

    4. Wrap the fish up tightly and place amongst the charcoals in the pit (or in the oven). Bake for 20-25 minutes until the flesh flakes away easily from the bone.

    5. Meanwhile, make the sauce. Melt the butter in a saucepan over a medium heat and add the onion. Sweat for about 10 minutes until the onion has turned translucent. Turn up the heat and add the mushrooms and liver (if using).

    6. Cook for another 10 minutes, and season with salt and pepper. Add the cream, thyme and lemon juice, and simmer for five minutes

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    Barbel recipe

    Barbel Recipe from Britain Origin: Britain Period: Traditional This is a traditional British recipe, based on Mrs Beeton's recipe of 1861, for a classic dish of boiled barbel served in a port wine, vinegar, onion, herb, lemon and anchovy sauce. This is a traditional British recipe redacted from the redoubtable Mrs Beeton's 1861 volume Mrs Beeton's Book of Household Management, the classic Victorian cookbook. Original Recipe 229. INGREDIENTS.—1/2 pint of port wine, a saltspoonful of salt, 2 tablespoonfuls of vinegar, 2 sliced onions, a faggot of sweet herbs, nutmeg and mace to taste, the juice of a lemon, 2 anchovies; 1 or 2 barbels, according to size. Mode—Boil the barbels in salt and water till done; pour off some of the water, and, to the remainder, put the ingredients mentioned above. Simmer gently for 1/2 hour, or rather more, and strain. Put in the fish; heat it gradually; but do not let it boil, or it will be broken. Time.—Altogether 1 hour. Sufficient for 4 persons. Seasonable from September to November. Modern Redaction Ingredients: 300ml port wine 1/4 tsp sea salt 2 tbsp vinegar 2 onions, sliced 1 bunch of sweet herbs freshly-grated nutmeg and ground mace, to taste juice of 1 lemon 2 anchovies, cleaned 1 or 2 barbels (depending on size), cleaned and scaled Barbel Preparation: Method: Bring a pan of lightly-salted water to a boil, add the barbel and cook for about 20 minutes, or until just done. Pour off all but 500ml of the water then take out and reserve the fish before adding the remaining ingredients. Bring to a simmer, cover and cook gently for 30 minutes. Strain the liquid and return to the pan then add the barbel. Heat gradually until the fish are warmed through, but do not boil, or the fish will break apart. When hot, remove the fish carefully from the liquid and serve.

    Read more at Celtnet:

    Copyright © celtnet
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    Stiff Upper Lip

    On a train, from London to Manchester, an Australian was berating the Englishman sitting across from him in the compartment.

    "You English are too stuffy. You set yourselves apart too much.

    You think your stiff upper lip makes you above the rest of us.

    Look at me... I'm ME! I have Italian blood, Greek blood, a little Irish blood, and some Aborigine blood..

    What do you say to that ?"

    The Englishman replied, "Awfully sporting of your mother, old chap!"
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    started a topic LWD Durability

    LWD Durability

    Interesting point raised on another forum

    Re the LWD I wonder how long these partially submerged / submerged timbers last, I contacted TRADA about this with regard to choosing locally grown materials for weir baffles, their advice was as follows -

    In regards to durability, oak and chestnut are the only durable temperate hardwoods available.

    Beech and birch are not durable, and with softwoods larch is only slightly to moderately durable, and home grown Douglas fir less so.

    You will also want to remember that sapwood is not durable on any species, and the method you have described sounds like you will not be excluding sapwood. Sapwood would start to decay after year or so in such use.

    If you use non durable timbers, you might get under 5 years from them, and 15 years from oak heartwood
  • Severn Estuary Salmon Genetic Study

    Results are here

    This was interesting

    A single fish collected from the Dernol on the Wye was identified as a salmon x trout

    hybrid on the basis of its DNA profile and was excluded from all subsequent analyses.
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    Anything to do with canoeing or canoeists
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    started a topic Odd Trout on Ebay

    Odd Trout on Ebay

    Strange furry trout on ebay look here
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    started a topic Which line for spinning

    Which line for spinning

    Is it braid or Monofilament and which make and why?
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    started a topic Damaging Floods

    Damaging Floods

    Looks like many rivers will be suffering damaging floods at the moment (late January) Is this a natural occurrence or is our weather becoming more extreme?
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    Severn Estuary Nets Control Consultation

    The EA are about to undertake a a consultation process into options for control of the lave and draft net fisheries in the Severn estuary.

    More news as it becomes available.