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    started a topic EU Grants

    EU Grants

    Some years ago a small rural town in Spain twinned with a similar town in Greece.
    The mayor of the Greek town visited the Spanish town. When he saw the palatial mansion belonging to the Spanish mayor, he wondered aloud how on earth he could afford such a house.
    The Spaniard replied:‘You see that bridge over there? The EU gave us a grant to construct a two-lane bridge, but by building a single lane bridge with traffic lights at either end, I could build this place.’
    The following year the Spaniard visited the Greek town. He was simply amazed at the Greek mayor's house: gold taps, marble floors, diamond doorknobs, it was marvellous.
    When he asked how he’d raised the money to build this incredible house, the Greek mayor said:‘You see that bridge over there?’
    The Spaniard replied: ‘No.’

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    started a topic Big kipper!
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    started a topic Semi-Natural (?) salmon cannon
  • Theft of Fishing Rights is a Police matter.

    From an Angling Trust release today. Interesting stuff! :
    IMPORTANT: Code for Theft of Fishing Rights: 116/11

    Quote this code when reporting incidents of Fishing Without Permission to the Police
    Read why below...

    Fishing without permission is a Schedule 1 Theft Act 1968, and therefore criminal, offence. It is not the Environment Agency's (EA) responsibility to deal with this but that of the police. Understandably, this is not an area of law in which police officers are generally trained, so the Angling Trust are in the early stages of liaising with all 43 forces to educate officers regarding their responsibility. To date, we have concentrated, due to VBS and Operation CLAMPDOWN 2 (OCD2), on forces in SE England, all of which are engaged on joint VBS/EA/police patrols in that region and in support of OCD2. Indeed, a Hampshire Police officer recently checked, purely coincidentally, one of our Area Coordinator's licenses; this was very encouraging, but unfortunately the police's overall understanding remains inconsistent. In an effort to resolve this, last year the Angling Trust uploaded the 'Elementary Guide to Angling Law & Fisheries Enforcement' to the Police Online Knowledge Area (POLKA) - making this simple guide available to every police officer in England. This, however, relies upon an officer searching that database for information, so the upload is not a cure-all. We now, however, have one - and hence why we need your help.

    Every offence which the police are duty bound to deal with has a unique Home Office Code. We now have the Code for Theft of Fishing Rights: 116/11. If, therefore, anglers quote this when reporting incidents, the police will understand that they must deal with the matter, rather than misinterpret the situation as a civil matter and/or attempt to pass the job over to the EA. Provision of the Code will mean that from the initial stage the call taker will understand that this is a police matter, and police officers responding can check the relevant instructions.

    Finally, and in addition to the good news above, we have had a recent result with the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS). One of our fishery owner members was the victim in such a case of fishing without permission, which the police duly processed, but at court the CPS lawyer completely misunderstood the Theft of Fishing Rights offence and discontinued those proceedings. Acting upon our advice, said member complained to the CPS. Gerry Wareham, the Deputy Chief Crown Prosecutor, recently acknowledged the error, apologised, and instructed all CPS lawyers to proceed with such cases - and if in doubt liaise with Andrew Vaughan, the Lead Prosecutor. This really is a major step forward.

    Dilip Sarkar MBE
    Fisheries Enforcement Manager
    Angling Trust
  • Excellent rivers/flooding article

    George Monbiot

    Monday 13 January 2014
    The Guardian
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    started a topic Remora-type salmon cleaning?

    Remora-type salmon cleaning?

    It'll be good if they can crack this:
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    started a topic 50lb!!
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    started a topic Book wanted. Can you help?

    Book wanted. Can you help?

    Book wanted: “A history of the Navigation of the river Wye and Lugg” by Mr N. E. Richards
    If anyone has a copy can I borrow/buy/loan it for a bit?
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    started a topic how to deal with pike...
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    started a topic Lies, damn lies and statistics.

    Lies, damn lies and statistics.

    Tell me to shut up if I'm getting this wrong but you salmon guys seem to be nuts about figures, charts and statistics - so maybe you can clarify something for me. When I look at the 5 year average for April on the RWGA site and see that this year the monthly catch is triple the average, something inside me shouts Hurrah! And then I think, but this year we have C&R. No problem with that. But... I don't know, but I would think that if a salmon angler took just one fish per year in the past, it would likely be the first and biggest fish he would catch that year so he might want to retain it. This year he can't. So how many of these fish are repeat captures? And how badly will this screw up the statistics, given that the goalposts have been completely moved by the C&R rules? Discuss. (Use simple words as I'm a bit thick).
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    started a topic Spinning


    Last year I lost a good salmon whilst pike fishing, the fish leapt and I think kinked the trace, causing it to snap. So I decided that I wouldn't ever use a wire trace when spinning for salmon.. Yesterday I was spinning for salmon with no trace when a mid-20 pike shot into the margins and grabbed the lure - and cut the line with it's teeth. Grrrr. So the question is, what do others use? Wire trace or no wire trace?
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    started a topic Canoe Campaigner's Access Case Sinks

    Canoe Campaigner's Access Case Sinks

    Fish Legal media release:

    Canoe Campaigner's Access Case Sinks

    A campaigner for universal canoe access, Mr. Andrew Biddulph, who tried to claim £4,000 from an angling club for restricting access to the River Dove, has been ordered by the Court to rewrite his claim or withdraw it and pay Fish Legal’s costs. This case is a further blow to the incorrect claims of Mr. Biddulph and other campaigners – supported by Canoe England and the British Canoe Union – that there ‘might’ be a general right of navigation on all rivers.

    The Burton-on-Trent Mutual Angling Association allows canoeists to use their part of the River Dove under an agreement with the local canoeing club for set times in the season. But Mr Biddulph demanded that the club recognise ‘an ancient right’ to canoe whenever and wherever he wished, or be taken to court.

    Local anglers were shocked by the ultimatum but (as it was such an unusual case) Fish Legal agreed to help its member club defend its legal right to fish without the threat of constant disturbance from canoeing.

    The canoeist’s arguments came from a University thesis which says that canoeists are entitled to paddle on all rivers in England. The case was an attempt to put this theory into effect by challenging the current law, but also to extract money from the angling club.

    Fish Legal made a court application to strike out his claim as an abuse of process and because it provided no reasonable (or legally recognisable) grounds for bringing the claim. After the application hearing Mr Biddulph chose to withdraw his claim, apparently accepting his case was without any merit.

    It is the long accepted position of the Courts, and all respected legal books, that there is no general public right of navigation on non-tidal rivers. Unfortunately, Canoe England and the British Canoe Union create confusion amongst its members by suggesting that there is such a right.

    Mark Lloyd, Chief Executive of the Angling Trust and Fish Legal said: “The law about navigation is absolutely clear: apart from on a few identified navigable rivers, there is no right of navigation without permission. The failure of this claim goes to show that such challenges to the law are bound to fail.

    "The BCU and Canoe England should wake up to this fact and work with us to promote sensible voluntary access agreements. Many of our members have attempted to draw up agreements with local canoe clubs, only to find that the national canoeing bodies have ordered them not to sign agreements because they do not allow access at all times, or because they would have to accept that they need permission. We call on them to accept the law of the land, respect other people’s property rights and to work with the Angling Trust and its members to increase access for canoes in a sustainable way to avoid further conflicts of this type.”

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    started a topic Salmon fly hooks

    Salmon fly hooks

    Question from a newbie: Why are some salmon flies tied onto hooks with upturned eyes? It's a bloody awful hooking arrangement.