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    started a topic Patriot salmon doubles.

    Patriot salmon doubles.

    Wanting some gold coloured doubles and finding salars no longer available and not being convinced by the new Fulling Mill Magni range I ordered some Patriots which duly arrived and were a similar shape to VMC with brazing between the shanks down to very nearly the bend. Not very well done I might add. As the supplier in question had only 8's in stock I ordered 6's elsewhere and on receipt was surprized to find the hooks were totally different although packed in identical boxes with identical logo etc. The second lot of hooks were more of the "salar" shape without the beaked point but had only about 4mm of brazing between the shanks so the the two hooks were easily flexed apart. The shanks were in most cases twisted out of parallel. In short they were cr*p.. They were sent back.

    It appears Partridge are still next to impossible to deal with. One dealer I know has stopped even trying to deal with them and two others feel they have been badly let down. What is it about bloody hooks. We talk about trips to Mars but it appears the constant supply of decent hooks is beyond man's capabilities.
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    started a topic Angling Active multi tip spey line.

    Angling Active multi tip spey line.

    This is another "own brand" offering at the lower end of the market. It has been generally well received the only moan being the lack of integrated loop on the front of the floater tip. The one I received did have the loop but it was a different tip entirely to that in the advert illustration being mustard in colour rather than blue. Down to the river and the floater went out well enough but on trying to cast the other tips it wasn't so good but certainly adequate {just like every other line in fact}. On weighing and measuring the tips I found that all 3 tips were of different lengths and not the 15 feet standard they were supposedly. The floater was 9 ft, the inter 16ft and the sinker 14 ft. All in all at £44-95 perfectly adequate but you'd be daft to pay the £99-95 it was claimed as the proper price. It wouldn't cast the full 62ft head outside the rod and I thought it worked better with about 52ft outside the rod. Not the line for those demanding "tight loops" but the fish won't mind.

    Strangely I tried the rod with a set of tips from an Airflo Quick spey and found the Fast sinker tip from that set was only 8ft 9 in long instead of the claimed 15ft.
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    started a topic No Subject.

    No Subject.

    I have nothing to add on "Trout Tactics" but I just couldn't stand switching on and seeing "Tenkara" every bloody time.
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    started a topic Mid river August 26th.

    Mid river August 26th.

    The water is now low and dropping. A fair amount of rubbish has been left on the banks over the bank holiday and you have to be careful where you tread in order not to spoil the shape of all those little piles with paper stuck on top.
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    started a topic Mid-river August 21st

    Mid-river August 21st

    Conditions or pretty good here, For those who know what I'm talking about the 2 stones are just breaking the surface and that means it's as good as it gets. If only there were some fish.
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    started a topic Have you noticed?

    Have you noticed?

    Have you noticed that as soon as you find something that fits the bill it's not long before it's discontinued. Sprite hooks were a favourite of mine and guess what Vince has retired and they're no longer available. Well some are in the sizes no one wants but I notice one or two wholesalers obviously bought up his stock and what used to sell for £4 something a packet are now anything up to £7-99. I hope they get stuck with all those size 2 low water doubles. Hook no.2 no longer available is the Partridge flashpoint heavy nymph double ,an absolutely great hook for sea trout and even tiny salmon flies. They do a new HND but it's nowhere near the quality and is even a different shape. Now made in China evidently. I gather from dealer friends that the new version hasn't gone down at all well. Things will have reached rock bottom when they discontinue Maxima.
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    started a topic Shakespeare Agility 10ft x 8wt.

    Shakespeare Agility 10ft x 8wt.

    Along with the 12 footers mentioned earlier was a 10x 8wt Agility, Shakespeare's comparitively new offering in single handers. On taking it from the wrapping I noticed it was labelled "fast". To which my initial response was " yeah, right", because it seems fashionable to have "fast" rods these days. On first waggle I was surprized because fast it certainly seemed. In fact after a few casts up and down the garden I thought Bl88dy H8ll this is a beast. Down to the river and loaded with a Cortland Classic 8 wt my opinion modified somewhat. It's much nicer to fish with than to waggle about. The casting action is pretty fast but the fish playing action is more mellow. It casts well overhead but not so well roll casting but the real revalation was that I thought it cast best of all with the snake roll. Now you don't see many {any?} snake rolling a single hander so I'm going to set a trend and hope to impress!

    My other comparable rod is a David Norwich which now costs £490 odd pounds, it feels "nicer" but I don't think fishes any better. So on one hand £490, on the other rrp 54-99 but generally available for around £45. Really good value. You pays your money etc,etc,etc.
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    started a topic Shakespeare Oracle XT 12Feet.

    Shakespeare Oracle XT 12Feet.

    I've recently been given a couple of 12 footers to try which is dead handy as I have some small river salmon fishing on the {distant} horizon and free is a very good price for any salmon rod. They are both cheap as chips Shakespeare models and both now discontinued. The Odyssey is long finished but the rod I want to talk about is the Oracle XT. I only have 2 8wt salmon lines firstly a Snowbee 1D 51 ft head and an Airflo Quickspey .The latter I find is easy to cast in all weights.The first outing was only moderately successful with my alternating between "I'm crap, the lines are crap and the rod's crap". I was finding it difficult to adjust from a 15 10/11 which is my standard outfit.I'd actually taken the line off but decided to give it one more go and hey presto it seemed to work much better or more likely I'd just got the hang of it. Anyway I packed up feeling quite smug and decided to give it a go again this morning. To cut a long story short it does everything one could expect of it. Overhead casting is good [what rod isn't} It roll casts O.K. and single and double spey casts sail out and the snake roll was no problem but was better with an inter tip. In fact I find the Quickspey performs better with the inter tip all round. Probably something to do helping to find a good anchor.The rod could shoot reasonable amounts of line and in fact I put it on the far bank a couple of times. And I even managed to Christen it with a trout. And now the nitty-gritty. John Norris are doing them for £39-99 for 12 and 13 feet and £ 45-99 for 14 and 15 feet rods. Buy one, in fact buy several and you will never need anything else.
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    started a topic Mid-river August 4th

    Mid-river August 4th

    Well the recent rain has made precious little difference from Hay to Hereford with 6-8 inch rises and falls. It's raining pretty heavily now so we'll see if we get any appreciable rise from this lot.

    Coarse fishing has been dire with few barbel and not even too many back up chub. Just as an illustration of how mis-leading "local info" can be, earlier in the week one of my fishing mates was talking to a local tackle trader and all-round fishing guru about how poor the fishing has been so far and it was agreed by all that things were not good and that we were really scraping the barrel. Fast forward to yesterday when one of our visitors was talking to the self same guru and was told that"you can't go wrong" and to expect bumper catches! Like I always say, it's fishing, believe nothing that you hear and only half what you see.
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    started a topic Mid-river July 4th

    Mid-river July 4th

    Up an inch or two and down again. A bit more colour.
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    started a topic Middle river July 1st.

    Middle river July 1st.

    Water low,clear and warm. A few caught yesterday but nothing today{yet}. A few eels have been reported of late and I saw one on Saturday.I think that's a good thing but not everyone agrees.
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    started a topic New Line. Ion Power reflector line.

    New Line. Ion Power reflector line.

    Ion Pwer came well recommended and although I had it last season today was it's first outing. I was using 12.5lb B/S which at .22 mm is the same as Maxima 6lb and I had intended to use it for stick float fishing straight through to the hook for chub and barbel.

    It spooled up well and seemed supple. Within a couple of casts I was having difficulty stopping it springing off the spool and thinking I may have spooled up too much I stripped 20 yards or so off and tried again. No diference. I got frequent tangles and with one such I gave the line a tug and it broke with very little pressure. I then deliberately tied a granny knot, pulled it and it broke with a pull that could only have been about 2/3 lbs. So that's another spool that probably wont see the light of day again. Like so many other supposedly "Hi-Tec" lines it probably works better on the test bed than in actual use. Ah well, back to Maxima.
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    started a topic Middle river 28 june

    Middle river 28 june

    Yesterday's rain seems to have made no difference at all. There might be a touch more colour but it's been a dull old day so hard to tell. It's just started raining at Moccas. Catches remain subdued, especially mine.
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    started a topic Mid river june 24th.

    Mid river june 24th.

    The extra foot of water bought a few fish on feed yesterday but with that water now gone, although some colour remains, normal service has been resumed with only 3 fish caught locally by 15 2-30 this p.m.

    I notice on another thread an angler reports "only" taking 3 barbel and 2 chub for 2 rods.. Although this is clearly not by any means an outstanding catch I do feel that too many turn up with unrealistic expectations. I hear that so far the Severn has been fishing poorly as well.
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    started a topic Mid river June 23rd.

    Mid river June 23rd.

    It's now stopped raining but what we have had seems to have made no difference. The river is still low, reasonably clear and brown algae is still with us. To say the first week of coarse fishing has been less than exciting is an understatement. Barbel have been very few and far between and the back up chub that could always be relied on are not playing ball. Mike Taylor, mine host at the Red Lion who runs the fishing on the Moccas estate, describes it as "challenging". This afternoon I have spoken to 12 anglers on 2 beats and not one has caught anything. Four or five salmon that have taken up permanent residency from Winforton down to Brobury are still laying doggo showing no interest in anything that's cast their way.

    At last there are reports of barbel spawning but I saw no evidence today. Incidentally I hear that there have already been the usual crackpot reports of super catches but remember if it sounds too good to be true it usually is.

    There is some availability for day tickets on the Moccas estate but conditions and available beats have changed this year so if you fish the Red Lion on day ticket please contact Mike on 01981 500303 for an update.
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    started a topic Middle river 19th June.

    Middle river 19th June.

    River is low and getting lower,clear and is perfect for the fly. Whether there is enough water to attract salmon upstream of course is another matter. Coarse fishing is still subdued evidently and my scouts tell me that there is no sign of barbel spawning yet.
  • Middle river { Hay to Hereford} June 17th

    Well the opening day of the coarse season came and went with very few fishermen on the banks and even fewer fish reported as so often happens on the first day. Barbel have shown no sign of spawning yet although "plumes of mud" were seen on the shallows near Winforton but it's just have likely to have been sea lampreys. It seems as though the shad have now completed spawning. The river has risen in small increments over the last day or so and has coloured up to a small degree but much of the colour is in fact brown algae clinging to the river bed. There was some light rain over night but not enough to make a significant difference.
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    started a topic 12 May 2013

    12 May 2013

    The water is up a bit and the colour a bit more dense this morning but fishing conditions are still good. No salmon on local beats up until 3pm as far as I know but plenty of shad being caught on salmon flies this morning.
  • The 37lb Salmon.

    I gather from the Hereford Times that one Adam Fisher "a freelance fisheries consultant" spent a day at Goodrich with someone the name of whom escapes me but is evidently "a globe trotting D.J." and the "stardust" rubbed off on Adam because a couple of days later he caught a 37lb salmon.
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    started a topic "NEW" rod test.

    "NEW" rod test.

    I have been given a rod. I'll spare you all the nonsense. I've given it some stick,particularly with sinkers, and it's as good as anything else I've got. It's a Daiwa Whisker 15 feet 9-11 and as I've looked in a 14 year old copy of T&S and seen they were being discounted I'm presuming about then they were coming to the end of their run. It's an ounce heavier than many current rods, seems bomb proof and compares favourably. And to think I could have spent £1000! {hardly likely I know}
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    started a topic Tackle! Who cares?

    Tackle! Who cares?

    Having just been involved in an admittedly light hearted, well I treated it as light hearted, tackle discussion on another site it occured to me that nobody seems to give a monkey's about tackle on this site. Tackle posts get scant attention. Are we all to cynical or to old or just couldn't care less?
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    started a topic Two recent incidents.

    Two recent incidents.

    Last week I tried to buy a Hardy Mach 65 wf10 clear tip line. Recently discontinued and advertized everywhere at £40. My big mistake was to think that just because they were advertized they would be in stock, After about half a dozen unsuccessful phone calls in response to internet ads I did track down 2 dealers who had them who still wanted £79-99. No thanks. Eventually I found a shop in deepest Scotland who had one or at least thought he did. Could he ring me back. This he did but could he ring me back tomorrow morning at 10 because he wanted to close the shop.

    Ten o'clock came and went as did eleven so I rang him. "I was just going to ring you" he said but hang on while I get the paper work. After ten minutes or so the deal was done and I was promised next day delivery but I would have to sign for it. Next day came and went as did the next and the next but it did eventually turn up. Not only was my name wrong but a complete line of my address was missing. I wonder why some shops are struggling?